Enid OK Councilor Judd Blevins: Communists Striking Back Against A Charlottesville Patriot
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Before the Capitol Insurrection Hoax of January 6, 2021, there was the now collapsing Narrative about the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally of 2017. Regime Media outlets across America touted a blame-shifting, reality-twisting, false version. (I refuted it in my book Charlottesville Untold). But the myth remains a key tool in attacking resistance to the communist coup in the U.S. Case in point: the continuing Leftist assault on Enid OK City Councilman Judd Blevins.

Readers of VDARE.com know the truth about the UTR March: a peaceful gathering in defense of the statue of Robert E. Lee was mugged by violent Leftists with the tacit consent of Democrat authorities—a classic case of anarcho-tyranny. The fallout was then blamed by the complicit Regime Media on the legally permitted attendees.

Last month, Thomas Rousseau, subsequently the leader of the Patriot Front, became the eleventh man to be arrested and charged with a felony for carrying a tiki torch across the University of Virginia campus as part of a demonstration—despite the fact that the UTR leaders had informed the police in advance of their intentions and that torchlight parades are an American tradition. The blatantly biased Charlottesville judicial system, led by a Soros-funded Commonwealth attorney, an Antifa-connected prosecutor, and overseen by a judge who personally attended a torch-march counter protest, has already accepted guilty pleas and sentenced several defendants. Several others are awaiting trial.

Other persecutions are happening outside the legal system. Some personal witch hunts are vendettas undertaken by privileged rich kids, many others are conducted by a veritable army of Antifa activists working with anonymous collectives of activists whose names, nationalities, and sources of funding are unknown. They dox their political opponents, even those who are accused of no crime other than wrong-think, with the goal of intimidation and reputational and financial damage. Unite the Right attendees have been forced out of their careers; some have even committed suicide.

But nearly seven years later, bloodthirsty Leftists continue to deploy these tactics against law-abiding attendees of the permitted protest, sugarcoating the truth about their destructive goals with benign-sounding words like ”tolerance,” ”unity,” and ”love.”

The ferocity of these ideologues’ destructive intentions became apparent recently when the story of Judd Blevins was splashed across the headlines of national ”news” outlets like NBC [A small city in Oklahoma elected a white nationalist. Will it be able to vote him out?,  by Brandy Zadrozny, March 13, 2024] and The Huffington Post [He Didn’t Deny Being A White Supremacist. Then He Was Elected To City Council, by Christopher Mathias, March 13, 2024]. A recall vote for Enid Ward 1 has now been scheduled for April 2, and Blevins is fighting for his seat amidst an extraordinary smear campaign astonishing in its scale for such a tiny local election.

The campaign against Blevins is based upon a 2019 report by Leftist vigilante Jared Holt [Tweet him] of Right Wing Watch.

 In the report, Holt identified Blevins as a member of Identity Evropa and attendee of Unite the Right in Charlottesville [Identity Evropa’s Oklahoma Coordinator: Judson Blevins , RWW, March 29, 2019].

But it was not until after Blevins’ election in February 2023 that a group of local Leftists, identifying themselves as the Enid Social Justice Committee, resurrected the old information and used it to agitate for a recall. ESJC (tweet them) is financially sponsored by OK Progress Now. The Executive Director of OK Progress Now, Nabilah Rawdah, describes herself as a “Black, Lebanese, queer woman.” 

Mathias’ lengthy smear in The Huffington Post contains years-old chat room messages released by anarchist outfit Unicorn Riot, inflammatory labels like “White supremacist,” and loads of Guilt by Association. Remarkably, Mathias goes so far as to detail the contents of a PasteBin account seemingly belonging to someone else who donated Blevins $2000, and—as if that weren’t enough of a stretch—tracking down the donor’s business associate with purported ties to “White Supremacy.”

Blevins is also condemned for innocuous actions like pinning up posters, carrying the traditional flag of Oklahoma (i.e., without Cherokee imagery), and, perhaps tellingly, celebrating news of layoffs at The Huffington Post. 

The piece highlights ESJC Vice Chair “Father” James Neal, one of Blevins’ most vocal local opponents, resting on Neal’s clerical claim to moral authority. But Neal is the priest at Holy Cross Enid, and proudly describes his parish as “an open and affirming Orthodox Catholic Church,” which ordains or marries “anyone who comes to the church, regardless of gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.”

The church is far outside the norms of Christian belief. ”Holy Cross always has been a small parish of about 20 to 30 members and probably always will be due to its “radicalness,” Neal’s wife Tammy told the local news in 2023 [Holy Cross Enid affirms all people, helps those in need, by Kelci McKendrick, Enid News & Eagle, March 26, 2023].

The chairman of the Enid Social Justice Committee, Kristi Balden, also a founding member of the Enid LGBT coalition, has a decades-long history of LGBT activism [Enid LGBT Coalition member says connection the key, The Gayly, January 31, 2024]. 

The fact that Neal is a radical in priestly garments should not surprise anyone familiar with the Antifa principle of “diversity of tactics,” which calls for different people to serve different purposes. For example, black-clad street thugs may work in concert with more respectable or sympathetic parties who give them a veneer of legitimacy.

This tactic was utilized at the infamous brawl at the conclusion of the UTR torch light rally: out-of-town Antifa activists with lengthy criminal histories menaced the marchers, while seemingly innocent, “anti-racist” college students gave tearful accounts to reporters of how the “Nazis” frightened them.

The next day at the UTR rally, clergy people, Antifa, and BLM activists—who had trained altogether beforehand—again worked together against UTR attendees. One notable example: the Reverend Seth “Jesus is Antifa” Wispelwey, who helped block entry to the park, leaving Unite the Right participants exposed to violent Black Bloc counterprotesters.

He later became one of the plaintiffs claiming to have been traumatized by the rally in Roberta Kaplan’s post-UTR SLAPP lawsuit, Sines vs Kessler.

In a statement to the local news, Blevins has commented:

The labels applied to me are the same applied to any American who speaks out against the ruling liberal establishment.

City candidate accused of white nationalist ties , by Kelci McKendrick, Enid News & Eagle January 7, 2023

In an era where donning a “MAGA” hat can cause you to be condemned as a Nazi, this is certainly true.

The only way to end the plague of Cancel Culture is to stand up to it.

Hopefully, Americans in Enid will see through the smears against Blevins, and the tide will begin to turn against the communists who seek to destroy every last remnant of traditional America.

Anne Wilson Smith (email her) is the author of Charlottesville Untold: Inside Unite the Right and Robert E. Lee: A History Book for Kids. She is also the creator and editor of Reckonin.com.

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