“Comprehensive Immigration Reform”=Not Just the Displacement, But The Extinction, Of White America
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This week, the full U.S. Senate is debating S.744, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” a.k.a. the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill. What is at stake is not merely the dispossession of the historic American nation—but its extinction.

The Open Borders Lobby, both “Left” and “Right,” has one implicit theme when it comes to labor and immigration—traditional Americans don't count.

Thus, just as for years the government has been “disappearing” crime, it has also been “disappearing” unemployment. The official unemployment rate is now “only” 7.6 percent (11.8 million), the real combined rate of unemployment and underemployment, according to Shadowstats’ John Williams, is 22.9 percent (over 30 million?).

My mom is a Depression baby, born two months after Black Tuesday. Her view is that a “recovery” meant that the jobless had found work again.

But now the fashionable talk is of something called a “jobless recovery.”  The millions of remaining unemployed have become invisible. This practice began under Bill Clinton and was maintained by George W. Bush, both aiming to benefit politically from “good” numbers. The Main Stream Media is complicit—thus between 2001 and 2010, America lost 2.8 million jobs to Red China alone (PDF) with the subject all but ignored in the public debate.

You don’t have to take my word for it—even professional token conservative David Frum noted this indifference recently in the Daily Beast [D.C. Decides That Unemployment Is So 2009, May 15, 2013]:

The one major administration measure that has any chance of passage this year could not be more perfectly designed to worsen the problems of the long-term unemployed: the Rubio-Schumer immigration reform… The bill guarantees—is intended to guarantee—ultra-slack labor markets across a wide variety of specializations for years and decades to come.

That heresy is no doubt why Frum has since been fired.

If the Amnesty/Immigration surge bill passes both houses of Congress and is signed into law, there will be catastrophic consequences. As many as 24 to 44 million new legal workers—plus anywhere from 120 to 220 million new “Americans” will be added via chain migration.

Critically, these government-sponsored invaders will enjoy a host of government-originated privileges and programs denied to actual Americans—especially whites.

  • Amnestied invaders and their relatives will enjoy Affirmative Action at all skill and educational levels (even South Asians are eligible), along with American blacks. The white American working class will be discriminated against throughout the job market.
  • Millions of amnestied foreign invaders will quit working in agriculture, and seek to move up, either to private service jobs (restaurants, bars, fast-food, hotels), construction, or other jobs to which working class Americans are desperately trying to cling.
  • Millions of new illegal alien invaders and “temporary guest workers” will flood in to fill the jobs just left by the amnestied invaders, meaning that even agricultural jobs will be off-limits
  • Traditional Americans, especially native-born whites, will find themselves under increasing pressure to attend college, even if they have no interest in it, because of this ethnic cleansing of working class jobs. When they graduate, they will be trapped by immense student loan debt. They will then find themselves under pressure to attend graduate school, for yet another worthless degree, requiring even more debt.
  • If amnestied invaders decide to attend college, they will receive preferential admission and enjoy grade inflation (also here), allowing them to get better jobs than native-born white Americans;
  • Anti-white discrimination in academia and the culture will be dramatically strengthened. Jobs for professors are notoriously being reduced, as universities chop up formerly full-time teaching jobs into part-time adjunct positions. But also, and much less well-publicized: academia has been on a simultaneous hiring binge, creating well-paid, non-teaching positions in what Alan Kors and Harvey Silverglate call, in their eponymous book, The Shadow University —the anti-white, minority and homosexual/feminist-dominated political fiefdoms like “Student Life” and “Multicultural Services” that are reserved for commissars who are anti-white, anti-intellectual, and of dubious educational attainment.

(I’ve reported on one characteristic activity of the Shadow University: promoting hate crime hoaxes to intimidate whites and extort ever-expanding power and budgets).

Amnesty will strengthen these trends, made it more difficult for Americans (especially whites) to receive a real education, and increase discrimination against them.

(When I ran my magazine A Different Drummer, from 1989-1993, I twice wrote to SBA, seeking information; the agency never responded.);

  • Most businesses opened by non-white immigrants refuse to hire Americans, instead hiring their own countrymen;
  • Open Borders zealots have long claimed that hiring immigrants at low-level jobs opens up higher-paying jobs for Americans. But the reality is that such businesses then hire the foreign-born for those higher-paying jobs as well;
  • White-owned businesses are less and less able to hire native-born white Americans (or to remain solvent) due to the racial shakedowns that have been an Obama Administration priority;
  • Back in 2009, Obama demanded and got $787 billion in “stimulus money” from Congress for “shovel-ready” infrastructure jobs. But he confessed to New York Times columnist David Brooks at the time that he had no such jobs lined up. [Brooks: Obama Told Me "Shovel-Ready" Jobs Don't Exist Last Year, October 16, 2010]Instead, the money went to welfare programs with predominantly black clients—for example in Alabama. And smirking former Labor Secretary Robert Reich gave congressional testimony in which he called for the Administration to engage in open and illegal discrimination against white men. [Robert Reich: Keep stimulus money away from skilled workers and “white male construction workers”, by Michelle Malkin, January 22, 2009]. But no MSM organizations, let alone Congress, ever investigated where the stimulus money went;
  • Paying Amnesty’s costs, which Heritage’s Robert Rector and Jason Richwine conservatively estimated at $6.3 trillion over the lifetime of the amnestied immigrants, going disproportionately into non-whites’ pockets, will eat up all capital for economic expansion through a panoply of new and increased taxes;
  • My VDARE and   National Policy Institute colleague, economist Edwin S. Rubinstein, has been recorded the VDAWDI, the VDARE American Worker Displacement Index, since 2001. He wrote recently: “As of June 2011, VDAWDI stood at a record 127.8—meaning that immigrant/ Hispanic employment had grown nearly 30% faster than native-born employment since 2001”—even before a new Amnesty/ Immigration Surge!
  • As VDARE.com columnist Paul Craig Roberts has repeatedly reported, since the Clinton Administration growth industries have been mostly low-paying, non-tradable, domestic services: Tending bar, waiting tables, retail salesman, nurse aide, home health aide, etc. (and those jobs are increasingly going to blacks and aliens). One exception: nursing—but the feds under both parties have imported nurses by the thousands, particularly from the Philippines. Is nursing a job white Americans are incapable of doing?

Back in May 2004, Roberts asked rhetorically,

Why then will Americans attend universities? Will Wal-Mart require an MBA to stock its shelves? Will nursing homes want their patients bathed by engineers?

Obviously, education and retraining are not answers to job loss from US employers substituting foreign labor for American labor.

Question: The overwhelming majority of those millions of white Americans who have been “disappeared” from the unemployment rolls are likely doubled-up with parents, siblings, and other relatives, or have spouses supporting them. But what happens when their parents die—or their relatives can no longer carry them?

Answer: the number of white Americans will dwindle—because they will age and die off, and younger whites will be increasingly unable to support children. (One of whites’ countless shortcomings: their belief that one must be able to support children before having them.) With jailbreak-style immigration inflows of legal and illegal non-white immigration and an immigrant baby boom, whites will be even more rapidly rendered a minority.

According to libertarian fantasy, a high-IQ, qualified, diligent, and law-abiding group, even a minority, should see its job prospects and income increase with Open Borders.

But the reality is that, in a thoroughly politicized economy dominated by plutocrats in alliance with a Minority Occupation Government, jobs and power will be deliberately transferred away from labor to capital and from whites to non-whites for reasons of cheapness and of race.

Just as in South Africa today, whites will find themselves a despised, attacked, and increasingly poor minority in what used to be their country—and no one in the Main Stream Media or the government will lift a voice in their defense.

That's what is at stake with this Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill. It's not just dispossession—it's extinction.

Nicholas Stix [email him]  is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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