DAILY MAIL Confirms: Chinese Invasion Through Darien Gap Accelerating. WHERE IS GOP?
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On September 7th I posted THEY’RE COMING! One Billion-Plus Chinese “Economic Migrants” Now Know About The Darien Gap. Derived from a long account in Hong Kong’s authoritative South China Morning Post, this reported that so many Chinese economic migrants are coming through this route to reach America that local entrepreneurs are setting up Chinese-language food stalls and are using Mandarin-language social messaging to sell their services.

This was part of our ongoing Darien Gap coverage.

Now America’s Newspaper of Social Record, Britain’s Daily Mail, has published confirmation:

Migrant caravan headed north swells by a THOUSAND people in 24 hours to 7,000 people as Chinese influencers are showing migrants how to cross US southern border,  by Germania Rodriguez Poleo, Dailymail.com, November 1, 2023

Chinese people were the fourth-highest nationality, after Venezuelans, Ecuadorians and Haitians, crossing the Darién Gap during the first nine months of this year, according to Panamanian immigration authorities…

The monthly number of Chinese migrants crossing the Darién has been rising gradually, from 913 in January to 2,588 in September. At the U.S.-Mexico border, the Border Patrol made 22,187 arrests of Chinese people for crossing the border illegally from Mexico from January through September, nearly 13 times the same period in 2022.

The journey is well-known enough it has its own name in Chinese: walk the line, or ’zouxian.’

Short video platforms and messaging apps have popularized the route. They provide on-the-ground video clips and step-by-step guides from China to the U.S., including tips on what to pack, where to find guides, how to survive the jungle, which hotels to stay at, how much to bribe police in different countries and what to do when encountering U.S. immigration officers. Translation apps allow migrants to navigate through Central America on their own, even if they don’t speak Spanish or English.

In brief:

  • Large numbers of Chinese are getting increasingly disgruntled because of several years of economic stagnation and the abrasively oppressive tyranny under which they live.
  • They have become aware of the Biden Mob’s No Borders policy and the practicality of the Darien Gap route.
  • They have the money to pay for the trip.

There are 1.4 billion Chinese, 17.5% of the world’s population. If only a modest proportion decides to move here, America (population 333 million) will be swamped.



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