Brown Herring: J.T. Ready And His "Neo-Nazi" Border Patrol
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July 19, 2010

The Main Stream Media has found a new star: J.T. Ready. J.T. Ready and a handful of his buddies have launched a border patrol operation, one which should be unremarkable amongst the numerous other border patrol operations, most of which are larger, more sophisticated, and more established.

What makes J.T. Ready different: he has also proclaimed himself a National Socialist and been photographed alongside a handful of costumed characters at a Nazi rally.

This makes him a perfect excuse for our political elite to continue its smear campaign of Arizona as a "Nazi state."

The Southern Poverty Law Center, along with its media allies, is hyping this small operation by a handful of obscure individuals to smear all critics of open-borders immigration policy as Nazis.

This is in line the standard modus operandi of the SPLC:

Step one: find an obscure individual or group which is openly racist, makes intentionally incendiary statements, and preferably dresses like a weirdo.

Step two: treat a fringe movement as a key force on the American Right.

Step three: make tenuous, hypothetical, or even entirely fictional connections between the obscure characters and mainstream figures and groups in the immigration control and conservative movements.

Step four: profit by fundraising on the dire warning that a Nazi takeover of America is imminent.

The Arizona = Nazism meme has quickly taken root throughout the entire Main Stream Media.

For example, Radio Bilingüe frantically covers J.T. Ready's border patrol group and shrieks "the Arizona law that makes it a crime to be in the state without documents, as well as the rhetoric that promotes the idea that immigrants are coming to the United States to commit crimes, has emboldened the [Nazi] groups."[Arizona Law Encourages Hate Groups, July 4, 2010]

Rodolfo F. Acuña in the San Fernando Valley Sun [Email him] also casually links Arizona's law to the Third Reich:

"The fact that [Arizona Governor Jan] Brewer equates an undocumented immigrant to organized criminals and members of the violent drug cartels is disturbing. With this type of misinformation by a public official, it is no wonder that over 70 percent of Americans support the repression of undocumented immigrants believing that laws similar to those of Arizona will keep them safe.

"History informs us that the Third Reich came to power as a consequence of half-truths and blatant lies that gradually made most Germans passively receptive to Nazi racial theories. The parallels between Germany in the 1920s and Arizona in 2010 are striking. Then and now intentional lies have spread fear and hatred."

It's obvious, isn't it? Hitler's master plan, after all, was to restrict illegal immigration.

Acuña goes on to describe the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) as a "white supremacist group". Where would he get such an idea? Why, from the SPLC, which lists FAIR on its "hate map" alongside a wide variety of groups ranging from Ku Klux Klan groups to the "anti-gay" Traditional Values Coalition (and even VDARE.COM!)

Acuña continues:

"Enter the almost all white Tea Party movement. They have given a shot of adrenaline to the right and ironically respectability to the nativist movement through the creation of mass hysteria. A mob without a center, they are easily manipulated by the zealots who have been stoking these fires for four decades. Minutemen, vigilantes, Tea Partiers all stem from the same root."

Acuña then makes more Hitler comparisons, and declares that "Undocumented workers are not drug dealers, criminals or a drag on society. La Raza Studies are not about hate." [The Big Lie - The Rise of the Extreme Right, July 7, 2010. Links added]

One wonders why Acuña considers a blandly nonracial immigration reform group such as FAIR to be a "white supremacist group", but considers an openly racial group such as La Raza (the race) to be "not about hate."

Explicit race consciousness is acceptable and praiseworthy for non-whites. But even implicit race consciousness is not permitted for whites.

Even Iran's PressTV gets into the act—with an article expressing the exact same views as the American MSM! It talks about the "neo-Nazi border patrol", quotes the SPLC, and tries to link the "neo-Nazis" to mainstream immigration control groups:

"Ready's militia is an outgrowth of border watch groups that have been part of the immigration debate in Arizona…the legislation, which takes effect July 29, is deemed racist as it would allow law enforcement officers to single out individuals by the color of their skin." [Neo-Nazis take on immigrants in AZ,, July 18, 2010]

Contrary to the claims of this official Iranian media organ, and its odd bedfellows in the American MSM, Arizona's SB 1070 does no such thing. In fact, the law explicitly mandates that "prosecutors would not investigate complaints based on race, color or national origin.

The Associated Press article uses language nearly identical to that used by Ahmadinejad's media organ.

"Ready is a reflection of the anger over illegal immigration in Arizona. Gov. Jan Brewer signed a controversial new immigration law in April.

The militia is an outgrowth of border watch groups that have been part of the immigration debate in Arizona. Patrols in the Arizona desert by Minutemen organizations brought national attention to illegal immigration in 2004 and 2005. Such groups continue to operate in Arizona, and law enforcement officials generally don't take issue with them as long as they don't take matters into their own hands."[Man with neo-Nazi ties leading patrols in AZ, By Michelle Price, July 17, 2010]

The AP article goes on to list several larger groups that patrol the border, such as the Patriot's Coalition which has over 500 members and Glenn Spencer's American Patrol, which operates three spotter airplanes.

So why is the group with over 500 members not being depicted all over the media as an example of citizen border patrol groups? Why not the group that operates three airplanes?

Why is this one group consisting of less than a half dozen members put front and center?

Because the MSM is undertaking a concerted effort to paint all supporters of Arizona's 1070 law, and immigration patriots in general, as "Nazis."

The AP article was reposted on the website under the headline "Neo-Nazi Minuteman hunts Arizona immigrants"—despite the fact that J.T. Ready and his group are not in any of the Minuteman groups, are not endorsed by them, and do not have any relationship with them whatsoever.

Similarly, liberal activist Amy McMullen used the guilt by association tactic in a Tucson Sentinel column entitled Arizona's SB 1070 isn't racist... is it?

"[P]erhaps a look at the people who wrote and sponsored SB 1070 as well as those who enforce it will provide some clues of its racial motivations.

"Nobody wants to be labeled a racist, unless of course they are J.T. Ready, the self-proclaimed hater of all non-white people, who also happens to be a huge supporter of SB 1070."

There is actually no evidence whatsoever that J. T. Ready had anything to do with the writing or enactment of SB 1070. Nor does McMullen provide any evidence that this obscure individual had anything to do with the writing or passage of the bill, other than noting that FAIR "is identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center."  Her argument is simply: J.T. Ready is a Nazi and is opposed to immigration; therefore anyone who opposes open borders must be a Nazi as well. The SPLC identifies J.T. Ready as a Nazi and lumps FAIR in with him, so they must all be part of a vast, racist, conspiracy.

McMullen labels Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio as "the person who some view as the Heinrich Himmler of Arizona law enforcement." She gives no details of who exactly says this, so presumably it must be a source with even less credibility than the SPLC.  She finally declares that supporters of SB 1070 "will be on the side of history occupied by the likes of J.T. Ready or the KKK."

In fact, even the true nature of this "neo-Nazi border patrol" is in doubt.

A typical article in the New York Daily News warns of an "armed militia to patrol the border and kill or capture immigrants." [Neo-Nazi groups take up arms in Arizona to combat illegal immigration, by Joe Tacopino, July 18th 2010] But the "action reports" from the purported "neo-Nazi death squad" seem less sinister.

For example, this recent blog post by J.T. Ready's friend Harry Hughes:

"Eventually, we came across an abandoned cattle watering area. Sitting under a water tank, were 11 suspected illegal aliens. They quickly gave themselves up and asked for water. We provided them with water and asked them if anyone needed medical attention.

"We notified the Pinal County Sheriff's office and the Border Patrol. Being in a remote area, we expected an extend ETA for a response. During the wait, we must have handed out 30-40 20 oz. bottles of water. They drank it all." (Link and emphasis added)

The uproar over J.T. Ready is a red (or brown) herring. The authors of Arizona's SB 1070 have nothing to do with Nazism. The 61% of Americans who want a similar law in their own state are not Nazis—unless you seriously believe that 61% of Americans have converted to Nazism in the past few months.

This hysteria should be seen for what it is: just the latest manifestation of the ongoing campaign by the SPLC and their media allies to suppress honest debate on immigration policy.

What's remarkable is not the rise of National Socialism in the American Southwest—but the unmatched capacity of the Treason Lobby to set the elite media agenda.

James Ryan (email him) is an intelligence analyst who lives and works in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

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