Charlottesville Anarcho-Tyranny Update: Corrections And Amplifications
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More on my Anarcho-Tyranny Update: Mounting Proof That Alt Right Charlottesville Five Are Political Prisoners

Although the criminal justice authorities in Charlottesville have not contacted us with corrections as I suggested, some Alt-Righters have. Two informed us that David Parrott, arrested for a misdemeanor, and another informed us that James O’Brien, likewise arrested for a misdemeanor, were both actually Alt-Righters, rather than Alt Lefters..

Thus, two Alt-Righters were arrested for misdemeanors, but all Alt Lefters who were arrested were charged with only misdemeanors, and many violent Alt Lefters were not arrested at all.

I also reported that "subsequent video evidence appears to show that Heyer was not hit by the car at all." I've just learned that even further analysis now seems to show she was indeed hit. Again, all this would be clearer if the Charlottesville authorities would release the autopsy.


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