States Can Advance Immigration Patriotism By Outlawing Barbaric Third-World Practices | VDARE Video Bulletin
November 29, 2021, 06:11 PM
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Perhaps the most horrific feature of third-world post-1965 immigrants would be the barbaric cultural practices which come along with them. Unmentionable to most polite Americans, we generally refer to these practices as the “big three.” Doesn’t ring a bell? Hank Johnson explains in our next article:

“The big three on which liberals and conservatives can agree: sex-selective abortion; female genital mutilation; child marriage. Those practices are legal in many states (partly because Americans had never hear of them).”

Indeed what would be social suicide for many Americans to commit is, today, perfectly acceptable as a cultural element of immigrants from the third world. Did you know only 11 states in America ban sex-selective abortion? Or that 10 states have no Female Genital Mutilation laws on their books? Maybe you would be shocked to hear this next quote:

“Between 2000 and 2010, 248,000 children were married off in this country alone.”

However, Hank Johnson isn’t only writing on this topic to disturb our readers… he sees these disgusting oversights as a political chess-piece for immigration patriots.

“even normal liberals might see something is gravely wrong with the people we permit to come here.”

Read more about these practices to find out if you might have a child bride for a neighbor.

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