23 Black-On-White Killings in March | VDARE Video Bulletin
April 06, 2022, 06:50 PM
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In March 2022, VDARE.com’s Kenn Gividen logged 23 Black-on-White killings in his monthly Death of White America series. In this video we’ll cover one story from this list, about two Pennsylvania state troopers run down on the highway by a self-proclaimed expert drunk driver.

On March 21st, Pennsylvania Troopers Branden T. Sisca, 29, and Martin F. Mack III, 33, conducted a routine traffic stop on a 2014 Chevrolet Captiva driven by Jayana Tanae Webb. Webb was speeding down I-95, but was merely left with a warning by the Troopers. A tweet sent by Webb moments after the stop suggests that she felt the Troopers treated her unfairly.

After issuing Webb a warning for speeding, the two Troopers responded to a nearby call of a man walking along the highway. While Mack and Sisca attempted to move the man from the road, Jayana Webb drove her vehicle directly into the Troopers, killing them both, as well as the man they were trying to help.

A tweet sent by Webb in January shows her publicly boasting about her skilled driving abilities while intoxicated.

Webb now faces 18 criminal charges. 

Typically, Kenn Gividen collects white-on-black killings each month as well. However, this month he notes that:

"I found no white-on-black killings this month. Overall, FBI data suggests blacks are over 13 times more likely to kill whites than vice versa."

But you won’t hear that from the Regime Media.

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