VDARE Radio: Another World Is Possible—But More Of America's "Winners" Need To Stand Up For The American Nation
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This is Virginia Dare. At a recent victory rally at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump said, “We need the rich in order to make the country great, I’m sorry to tell you.” And one suspects his reluctance is real. Much of the Trump campaign is motivated by anger at the Chamber of Commerce Republicans who think the purpose of the polity is to ensure a never ending supply of cheap labor. At the same time, when the wealthy start withdrawing capital and investment flees, the economy collapses.


The solution, of course, is nationalism. The rich, the poor, and the middle class all have a stake in the prosperity of the nation and the success of their fellow citizens. For the Beltway Right, citizens are simply raw material to serve some abstraction called the economy. But the economy should serve the citizens. And, in the long run, a nationalist vision is more stable. A shared sense of patriotism uniting the social classes prevents the outbreaks of radicalism which have torn apart once prosperous (and predominantly white) Latin American countries like Argentina. Wealthy people in America need to understand they have a stake in the preservation of the historic American nation.


But there’s something even larger going on here. We are moving towards a world where the super wealthy can essentially drop out of political life altogether. The predominant form of wealth is represented by numbers on a screen, not tangible things like land or buildings. The rich have more in common with their fellow 1 Percenters in other nations than their fellow citizens. Automation raises the possibility the vast majority of citizens in every First World country will essentially be unemployable. And if the political climate in any particular country gets to hot, they can always go somewhere else.


Yet what kind of a world is this, even for the 1%? Hiding behind gated communities and private security, flying back and forth to what few First World locations remain. Trying to keep enough money to stay above a culture which is falling into utter rot. Constantly having to worry about political turmoil and even physical safety.


Donald Trump identified a critical truth when he commented that the city of Brussels used to be one of the great cities of the world. Now it is an unsafe, Islamist “hellhole.” One can’t help but wonder if the European capitalists and technocrats who committed their Continent to multiculturalism and mass immigration regret their decisions when they walk around the streets of what used to be their city.


We can build a different kind of world. We can have a world of clean, safe cities, advancing technology, sustainable development, and increased human potential. We can have societies that are prosperous, peaceful, and have high social trust. We can have a culture which will generate great works of literature and art, just like our Western forebears.


Yet ultimately, it’s the wealthy who have to make the choice to make this happen. We can build whatever populist movement we want, but it takes resources to build institutions and fund activism. Think of all the money that is wasted on donations to the Beltway Right, or to political campaigns like that of Marco Rubio. Or, worse, think of the donations made by well meaning fools like those who give to their alma mater, simply to empower far-Left professors and activists to attack the very people who are subsidizing them.


I can’t help but think there are wealthy people in the country who understand what is at stake. So my message to them is simple. Another world is possible. It’s time to build a real alternative to the darkness which is growing all around us. VDARE.com, and the alternative media network we are building, is an important part of that process. We don’t have to live in a world where the purpose of life is simply to escape from demographic disaster and cultural collapse. We really can ensure the West’s best days are still ahead, and that we have a world worth living in. But it’s going to take your investment.


And how do I know I’m right? Look at Donald Trump. He’s a “traitor to his class” but a patriot to his country. Here’s a guy who has endangered his business and his brand to run for President using nationalist and populist themes. And he’s the Republican frontrunner, utterly demolishing the entire GOP Establishment. Once someone emerged who had the ability to break through the media blockade, he found a huge following. Think of how different things would be if we could build a media of our own?


For those of you out there who are fortunate enough to be wealthy, don’t be content with escape. Don’t try to hide from the world. Try to change it. With even a small investment, we can create something entirely new. And when life comes to an end, you can look back and say you created a legacy you can be proud of.

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