VDARE Radio: Anarcho-Tyranny In Rotherham—Police Cooperated With Rape Gangs, And STILL Guarding Against "Islamophobia"
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This is Virginia Dare and you’re listening to VDARE RADIO.

It’s worse than any of us could have expected. Almost 200 police officers in Rotherham, England are under investigation following claims police not only didn’t shut down the Muslim child sex gang plaguing the city but actively protected it.

One officer and local politician is said to have set up a deal where one of the perpetrators, a relative, was assured of no punishment if he returned one victim. Another police officer is alleged to have actually joined in the crimes, including having sex with under-age girls, giving them drugs, and warning the Muslims when investigators were searching for children [Rotherham police had sex with abused girls and covered for relative sex groomers, by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, February 25, 2016]

For more than 15 years, an estimated 1,400 young women were victims of rape and sexual assault at the hands of a mostly Muslim gang. The authorities actively refused to take action because they did not want to be accused of being politically incorrect.

It’s important to remember that this didn’t happen because the town was suddenly conquered by “radical Islam” or sharia law. It was simply a product of mass Third World immigration combined with a feckless political culture. The city government wasn’t populated by extremist Muslims, but perfectly ordinary Labour councilors, who simply didn’t care that young women in their city were being essentially tortured for years at a time. After all, they were white. They probably had it coming.

Of course, young, naive women are supposed to be protected by the men in their own family. Girls as young as eleven being approached by men who tell them they are in love are simply not able to protect themselves. So you are probably asking, where were the fathers?

Well, many fathers did try to protect their daughters. And you can probably guess what happened. The fathers were the ones who were arrested by the police. [Rotherham dads were arrested after tracking down abusers, The Star, August 27, 2014]

When these reports first circulated in 2014, I simply attributed all this to politically correct bias. But these new reports show that many women didn’t go to the police because they could not trust law enforcement to protect them. Indeed, law enforcement wasn’t just on the side of the criminals, but were the criminals.

This is an actual rape culture in action. And as you might expect, there has been almost no coverage of the issue by the American media. There will be no demonstrations on college campuses. There will be no outraged feminists picketing British embassies. Why should there be? White feminism is focused with the really important issues, like not enough female characters in video games.

There are a couple major things taking place here.

First, mass immigration leads to the breakdown of law and order. For all the talk about the rule of law, the nation isn’t rules and regulations, the nation is the people. And tribal and religious patterns are proving more durable than a bureaucratic state. There are huge number of highly paid bureaucrats whose only job is to “protect children,” yet they not only failed to do so, they deliberately turned a blind eye or even joined in the exploitation. This is an important lesson for anyone who believes the Western way of life can somehow survive an unlimited number of Third World immigrants.

Second, this is Anarcho-Tyranny. The police are very eager to enforce the law when it comes to the indigenous British people. And they still haven’t learned their lesson. Indeed, the forces of law and order are leaping into action in Rotherham because they are worried about so called far-right demonstrations and quote, “rising tensions between communities”. [Rotherham police to increase patrols over Islamophobic attacks fears, by Josh Halliday and Lisa O’Carroll, Guardian, February 25, 2016]

And third, there is almost no reaction. There has been not outrage from the British government. The press is more concerned about any actual British people who might take this opportunity to protest Muslim immigration. And yet, it’s impossible to think of anything more loathsome or outright evil than the sexual exploitation and mass rape of little girls.

Supposedly, the rape of one woman in ancient Rome led to the overthrow of the last king and the birth of the Republic. If the mass rape of hundreds of girls, not women, girls over more than a decade doesn’t lead to a furious reaction, what kind of nation has Britain become?

Today, the main issue in British politics is the upcoming referendum on the European Union. Boris Johnson has joined the pushing for a Brexit, which is a good sign for those who want to see the UK regain its independence.

But it means nothing unless there is a real conversation, and real action, taken in response to Rotherham. Who cares if the UK is run from London or Brussels if it is a Third World wasteland, where girls are raped with the active participation of those law enforcement officers who are supposed to protect them?

The bottom line is that Rotherham, by itself, justifies revolution. It’s time for the British people to take their country back.

Thank you, and we’ll talk again soon.

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