ZEROHEDGE Loses Patience; Declares Blacks, Not Guns, Cause The Murder Problem
July 18, 2016, 05:45 PM
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H/T The Burning Platform

When I link to a story in ZeroHedge I invariably say that the financial blog is worth more than the rest of the American financial media put together. This is because of its skeptical, inquisitive and iconoclastic approach.

For some time ZeroHedge has been interesting itself in questions of social and foreign policy. In fact it has become almost as good a supplier of information on the Muslim invasion of Europe as The New Observer.

But I believe a watershed has just been crossed: ZeroHedge appears have become fed up with Blacks.

The 'BLM' Paradox - Black Accountability Matters Submitted by Salil Mehta via Statistical Ideas blog,  July 18, 2016 crunches the numbers in excruciating detail to demonstrate what readers already know – the Black propensity to murder is stunningly higher than for any other ethnic group. The essay concludes

The question is, why do Black lives (or any innocent lives) not matter to Blacks who are disproportionately murder?  This makes the appeal that Whites don’t care about anything, hard to absorb.

Let’s put this all a little differently.  If we were in a situation in America, where we had an equal proportions of Blacks as Whites, in this hypothetical the number of butchered Americans in the hands of Blacks would burgeon…uncontrollably and our entire society would be left effectively unbalanced.

ZeroHedge has just said that a 50% Black society would be unviable. Of course, we already know this looking at cities like Detroit, but Media entities willing to say it are unusual

Even more forthright is "Not A White Problem" Submitted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog, Jul 17, 2016. This points out that the murder rate in America is distorted by what goes on in Black cities. Overall-

The crime rate has been falling for 25 years. There were 24,703 murders in 1991 when the population was 253 million. Murders in 2014 totaled 14,249 with a population of 317 million. The willfully ignorant American public completely buys the falsehoods presented by Obama and believes murders and crime are skyrocketing.

So, with homicides at a 25 year low and completely confined to the urban ghettos where young black men kill other young black men, we need new gun laws to restrict what white people can own? It makes you wonder. Why has the government militarized local police forces across the country in white communities when crime and murder is virtually non-existent in those communities? Why is Obama and his liberal nazi hordes trying to ban any gun capable of providing defense against a tyrannical government? Why has this become a war on whites when it is solely a black problem? It’s almost as if the government is treating working class whites with guns as the enemy. I wonder.

(Emphases original)

I made a similar point in 2013 in Gun Control is Racial Socialism

Many of the Gun Control fanatics, of course, are motivated by the same force driving many of the same people in the War on Christmas. They perceive gun ownership is something many Whites love and they want to hurt them.

But equally valid it to see gun control as Racial Socialism: a cost to be inflicted on Whites because of the deficiencies and faults of Blacks.

But finding it in ZeroHedge is startling.

The times are changing.

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