"Your Lying Eyes" on "Piss-Poor" Pew study.
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I suspect the writer of the blog Your Lying Eyes works with statistics. His remarks on the recent Pew Hispanic Center Employment Study on which I commented earlier today positively seeth with professional indignation:

Piss-Poor Study Finds No Effect of Immigration on Employment (Scroll down.)

it does suggest that a "study," no matter how infantile its design, can gain national exposure...if it sounds the right theme...The paper is something you might expect from a precocious high-schooler who doesn't have the necessary background in statistics to design a more robust study.

This post contains more intellectual activity than do the fifteen or so immigration enthusiast blogs I have seen commenting on the study combined. Not one seemed concerned with the wage level issue. This outrages some of those posting comments - as for example the first comment here.

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