Yet Another Immigrant Serial Killer
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The man arrested Wednesday and accused of being the "Flint serial killer" is a Christian from Israel who tried unsuccessfully to put down roots in Northern Virginia and once worked with troubled children at a Leesburg mental health facility, according to friends and court records.
[Man suspected as 'Flint serial killer' tried to settle in Northern Virginia, Maria Glod and Caitlin Gibson Washington Post, August 13, 2010 ]

These killings were racially motivated:

Police in Michigan said Thursday they think he fatally stabbed five men in the Flint area and slashed nine others. Leesburg police said he stabbed two men there and attacked a third with a hammer last week. He is also suspected of stabbing a man Saturday outside a Toledo church. Sixteen of the victims were black; one was a dark-skinned Hispanic man; and one was white
Little is done to screen immigrants to prevent this sort of thing. Perhaps all immigrants and visitors should be required to purchase an insurance policy that would compensate victims of any crimes they might commit. The property of illegal employers and landlords could pay into a fund to be used for the same purpose since they are, of course, unlikely to buy insurance.

We have here 16 families-who are likely citizens- who are facing the loss of a love one that could have been prevented if corrupt politicians hadn't sold their offices for corporate gold. Those families deserve compensation.

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