American Workers Still Being Replaced By Illegal Aliens In Auto Plants And Nothing Is Being Done
Print Friendly and PDF's Brenda Walker brought readers the story about Eisenmann GmbH, a German multinational specializing in building paint facilities in automobile manufacturing plants. This writer observed that the Boeing Corporation perfected the fraudulent visa scheme by which American manufactures brought in illegal alien labor using ostensibly legal B-1 Non-Immigrant Visas (NIV) to replace American workers. [Tesla Didn’t Start The Policy Of Replacing American Workers With Foreigners, May 22, 2016] High tech companies are also in on the scam, with perpetual violator Infosys leading the pack.

Jay E. Town, United States Attorney, Doing Nothing About Illegal Aliens

However, since the scam in the automobile manufacturing industry was exposed last year, nothing has been done. In an surprisingly excellent piece of journalism, CBS News: On Assignment had a lengthy story on how the scheme is continuing at a Mercedes Benz manufacturing plant in Vance, AL.

The scheme that the San Jose Mercury News broke a year ago continues in other parts of the United States. The surprising thing is that Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, former United States Senator from Alabama, and former United States Attorney (USA) for the Southern District of Alabama, has done nothing to deal with the problem.

Also not doing anything about the problem is the newly confirmed, one of the first group of United States Attorneys nominated and confirmed by the Senate, Jay E. Town. One would think that protecting the American workers in Vance, AL who lost out on construction jobs would be one of his top priorities.

Contact United States Attorney Town here and inquire if he is planning on doing anything about this fraud.

1801 4th Avenue North

Birmingham, Alabama 35203

(205) 244-2001

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