Minnesota Is Turning Into A Front In The Ethiopian Civil War
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Time Magazine featured Minnesota on its cover in 1973 to celebrate its Scandinavian-style social democratic leanings.

Life was pretty good in Minnesota in 1973, at least during the four months when it didn’t snow.

Who would have guessed that 47 years later, Minnesota would be an important front in the emerging Ethiopian civil war?

Seriously, which foreign clash will break out into street fighting in the U.S. first?

I can recall around 1980 during the Iranian revolution driving down Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood past the Federal building. On one corner were several thousand supporters of the Ayatollah screaming at several thousand supporters of the Shah. On a third corner, a few hundred Iranians who had the good taste to hate both the Ayatollah and the Shah were gathered. A thin blue line of LAPD mounted on horseback were restraining the outraged mobs.

But, still, Beverly Hills Persians aren’t the scariest people on earth.

It would be nice if ethnic groups that hate each other in the Old Country would at least move to different parts of the country in the U.S. so they wouldn’t get on each others nerves so much. But, my impression is that feuding ethnic groups tend to move to the same neighborhoods in the U.S. so they can shop at the same grocery stores because they like, pretty much, the same types of food.

For example, in the Uptown neighborhood in Chicago 30 years ago, I can recall guessing that the thin brown women in multicolored long dresses were Ethiopian, only to have them inform me that they hate the Ethiopians in Uptown because they are proud Eritreans.

A half century ago, Americans debated whether we could afford to be the world’s policeman in Eurasia.

Today, Americans wonder whether we can afford to be the world’s policeman in the Twin Cities.

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