Why Do Illegal EMPLOYERS Deserve Amnesty?
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One feature of the recent immigration bill that has passed the senate recently that needs more discussion: it grants a full amnesty to employers of illegal aliens.

Now, the fines on employment of illegal aliens are already far to low compared to the profits these folks have made by using immigration rights as a corporate benefit. I understand the sympathy that many leftists have for illegal aliens themselves. Anyone willing to risk death in the desert to work for below minimum wage is in a difficult situation. What I don't get is why are these folks are so intent on giving an amesty to companies like Tyson Foods and Wal-Mart?

Enforcing existing fines against employers could yield around $200 Billion. Shouldn't those funds go to fixing the difficult problems created by immigration, refugees and development of Latin America?

Why shouldn't America be prepared to seize every factory farm, every construction site, every restaurant, every meat packing plant employing illegal aliens if necessary to ensure the rule of law in the area of immigration?

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