White would-be firemen study too hard
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From WCBS in New York:
There were hurt feelings and racial tensions as white applicants were left standing outside a prep class on Wednesday night, reports CBS 2’s Lou Young. 
“Whoever’s name is not on the list is not getting in, so were just following orders. That’s just the way it is,” the applicants were told. 
Joseph Basile was one of those who didn’t get in. 
“It wasn’t a good feeling. It felt like it was discrimination,” Basile said. 
The class was conducted by the Vulcan Society, a group of African American firefighters in an overwhelmingly white department. Many applicants who were turned away preregistered online on forms that did not ask for their race, which made for testy moment. ... 
Wednesday night’s class was the third in a series of prep exams given by the Vulcan Society. The previous two were integrated. The one Wednesday was the only one from which people were barred from attending.
To the ranks of Tiger Mothers and Eagle Fathers, we can had the Dalmatian Dads of the Fire Department of New York, who encourage their nephews to study the family trade of saving people from burning buildings hard. 
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