White Cop Dead, Tattooed Black Suspect—Was He An "Unarmed" Black Male?
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Last night, hearing of the killing of a white cop in East Baton Rouge,  I noted that the police had a suspect in custody, but weren't releasing his name. MSM on the scene hadn't bothered to ask his race, apparently. See White Sheriff’s Deputy Shot By Raceless, Unidentified (Probably Black) Rape Suspect.

I could assume that killer was black, because the barbershop where the shooting occurred was a black barbershop with black clients and black staff.

That can be corrected to say that it was black barbershop and tattoo parlor—the heavily tattooed black suspect worked there.

The suspected gunman involved in the fatal shooting of an East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's deputy during a struggle in a strip mall hair salon Saturday night is a 30-year-old Baton Rouge resident, a State Police spokesman said.

Brandon Wiley was booked remotely into the jail on rape and other counts, said Trooper Bryan Lee. Sgt. Shawn T. Anderson and another deputy went to Classic Cuts hair salon off O'Neal Lane on Saturday night to question Wiley in a rape investigation, authorities have said.

Casey Rayborn Hicks, a Sheriff's Office spokeswoman, has said the man suspected in the rape struggled with the deputies and Anderson was fatally wounded when the gun discharged during the fight inside the salon. Anderson died later at a hospital from his injuries.

Wiley, who was also shot in the struggle, is at a hospital. He is listed in critical condition, Lee said.

This may mean that Wiley was an "unarmed" black man who grabbed an officer's gun—if Sgt. Anderson had survived and Wiley died, that's what BLM and the media would have called him—an "unarmed black man." Both Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown died while trying and failing to grab their victims' guns. For more on this, see Unarmed Black Teens Kill More People Than Cholera
Wiley was booked remotely into the jail on Sunday on three counts related to the sheriff's office investigation of him: first-degree rape, resisting an officer and illegal tattooing of a minor. State Police are still investigating the shooting of Anderson, so more charges could be filed against Wiley, Lee said.

The Sheriff's Office did release an affidavit of probable cause Monday on what led to the three counts being filed against Wiley.

Apparently the two deputies went to Classic Cuts Saturday after a 15-year-old girl accused Wiley of rape.

Deputies were told of the rape on March 13, but the victim was unable to talk to them at that time. She and her parents met with detectives Friday when the victim told investigators that Wiley had performed tattooing on her on several occasions without the permission of her parents, the report says.

She told detectives that on March 12, she called Wiley and asked him to pick her up at the Mall of Louisiana. He picked her up and took her to his business, according to the report.

Once at the business, he tattooed her again, the victim told detectives. When he was finished, she took off her belt and went into the bathroom. When she came out, Wiley grabbed her, tied her hands behind her back and raped her, according to the report. She told detectives that she started crying and asked him to stop. He did stop and drove the victim home, according to the report.

By the way, we are almost never told the race of the victim. (Probably black, but who knows?) Obviously, the name of a 15-year-old rape victim can't be made public, but that's where the MSM, with its local reporters could help out—they know the answer, they just won't say.

Below,  Wiley's record—and why you should stay out of black barbershops:

Wiley has prior felony convictions in East Baton Rouge Parish and was also sentenced to four months in jail following a 2010 conviction for unlawfully tattooing a minor, according to online 19th Judicial District Court records.He pleaded guilty to a count of aggravated battery in 2005 and was sentenced to 13 months in prison following an arrest the year before on two counts of attempted second-degree murder, according to the records. He was also sentenced to two years in prison in 2011 for "inciting a felony" after being arrested for indecent behavior with a juvenile, the records state.

A federal judge sentenced Wiley to two years in prison following a plea agreement on a count of illegally possessing a firearm as a convicted felon, according to online federal court documents.

Wiley worked out of Classic Cuts salon, according to comments he made to The Advocate in August. At the time, he was applying for Federal Emergency Management Agency benefits, saying he had lost his possessions in the flood. He has a company registered with the Secretary of State's Office called The Preferred Look LLC, which lists Classic Cuts address as its business location and advertises tattoo work under that business name on Facebook.

His Facebook page also promotes several late-night tattoo parties at the salon, at least one of which Wiley wrote in a December post would run from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

In a picture taken by a photographer for The Advocate in August, Wiley shows off numerous tattoos on his arms and chest.

The owner of Classic Cuts, Lilnetta Roach, said Sunday morning before details of the shooting were released that all her employees had their own keys to the strip-mall location and said it wasn't uncommon for some of her workers to be at the location until late into the night.

Roach said she understood that a male worker — whom she didn't identify by name — was in the store until late Saturday night.

Suspect in fatal shooting of East Baton Rouge deputy identified; documents detail rape allegations

The Advocate , March 20, 2017

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