Welsh Government Baiting Black ‘Refugees’ With White, Underage Girls
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It appears that the Welsh Refugee Council is trying to one up Traitor Joe Biden, who was recently accused of sex trafficking illegal-alien children. The council has produced a “public service” ad that uses white school girls to invite black and Asian “refugees” to invade and destroy Wales. And along the way, of course, they’ll rape white girls. Sickening is a word that comes to mind.

“We understand that being a refugee isn’t easy,” one girl says. “Fleeing your country is difficult, but Wales wants you to help you feel welcome,” another adds.

A girl offers the council’s contact information, while another says that “we welcome anyone and everyone. We recognize your skills and talent.” Then comes the list of freebies that are draining the Welsh treasury.

The girls are clearly under 15 and perhaps as young as 11. The council’s subliminal message is this: More than free stuff awaits you in Wales; take a look at our little girls.

The video reminds one that American universities use gorgeous white girls to recruit black athletes [There’s Recruiting, Then There’s Recruiting, Off the Cuff, February 23, 2004]. One of the more repulsive examples was Florida State University’s trying to lure Andrew Wiggins to its basketball team [FSU Uses Sexy Girls To Try And Land Top Hoops Recruit Andrew Wiggins, by Glenn Erby, Black Sports Online, December 6, 2012]. 

But at least the college bait girls have reached the age of consent.

Anyway, parents permitted communists to use their daughters as sex bait for “refugees” who will rape some of those girls, or least rape girls like them.

If that isn’t a symptom of a terminally ill society, nothing is.

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