Washington Times Details Paul Ryans's Atrocious Immigration Provenance
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Romney and Congressional GOP responding to Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty

H/T (as so often) One Old Vet for drawing my attention to a devastating article on Paul Ryan on the Washington Times Communities website:  Paul Ryan and illegal immigrants: A history of support by Joseph Cotto August 16th 2012

It seems that Ryan likes amnesty programs for illegal aliens. This dates back to his time as a staffer for Jack Kemp, the quintessential bleeding heart conservative, and Sam Brownback…

In 1994, Ryan decided to join the fray over California’s Proposition 187. Unlike most Republicans, though, he was firmly on the opposing side. After the referendum found voter approval anyhow, he channeled his activism into a reliable voting record for the interests of mass immigration. In 2002, 2006, and 2009, he supported measures which would have legalized the residency of an incalculable number of illegal aliens...

Back in the 1990s, Ryan was a member of what a Wired Magazine reporter called “the pro-immigration mafia.” Aside from campaigning against 187, activities in this group entailed undermining Texas Representative Lamar Smith’s efforts to establish reasonable immigration standards...

Kemp and Brownback, of course were dedicated Open Borders fanatics. Proposition 187, which would have saved California by banning access by illegals to public services, was inevitably blocked by a despotic Treason Lobby Judge, but the necessary defense of it was prevented by a concerted Neoconservative effort led by Bill Kristol -  as I discussed in Who killed California? The Neocons.

This supports Peter Brimelow’s assessment that Ryan is a horse long groomed in the Neocon stables and imposed on Romney by the financial power  of their friends. When it was safe to advocate open borders he did; lately not so much.

Cotti is doing some good work. I see today he has a powerful interview Mark Krikorian on America's immigration DREAM Washington Times Communities August 17 2012 with a Money Quote:

Cotto: The DREAM Act has become a tremendously contentious issue. If passed, how do you think that it would impact the United States?

Krikorian: Well, it no longer needs to be passed because President Obama has illegally implemented a version of it without congressional assent. With the watering-down of the criteria that were in the original DREAM Act, the president's DREAM decree is now estimated to apply to 1.75 million illegal aliens. This will have several effects. Most immediately, it will offer jobs to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens (or legalize them in jobs they already hold), closing off those jobs to the millions of Americans who are unemployed. In the longer term, it creates new networks for increased future *legal* immigration of the relatives of the legalized illegals. And most fundamentally, it sends the message to illegals here, and to prospective illegals abroad, that sneaking into the US (or overstaying a visa) is worth doing because if you hold out long enough, you or your children will be amnestied. (VDARE.com emphasis)

Where is the GOP?

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