Brownback Admits: Immigration Enthusiasm Scuppered Presidential Bid
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Looks like Senator Sam Brownback may be the second GOP Presidential hopeful after John McCain to have his campaign derailed by his dogmatic immigration enthusiasm:
"I think we had a good strategy. I was very hopeful we'd be able to get the social conservative wing of the party on board early and then build out to the economic conservatives," he said. "I don't think conservatives are divided. I just think they're undecided."

However, he also admitted that the high-profile debate on an immigration reform bill in the Senate this summer did not help his presidential campaign. His support for the bill angered some conservatives in the GOP base, who charged the measure amounted to providing "amnesty" to illegal immigrants.

Sen. Brownback backs out of GOP presidential race, CNN, October 19, 2007.

In fact, as we have repeatedly demonstrated on VDARE.COM, Brownback's immigration record has been awful for a long time, especially on the refugee racket. As our James Fulford said back in 2003, Brownback believed his own baloney.

By an amazing coincidence, the other candidate trying working the Religious Right constituency, Mike Huckabee, is equally horrible on immigration.

Hint to campaign consultants: Maybe that's why "social conservatives" are, in Brownback's words, "undecided".

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