Another GOP Immigration Patriot Sighted: NY's Kieran Lalor
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Arizona governor Jan Brewer's clever challenge to Obama's Administrative Amnesty has earned her an attack from the Daily Beast, so she's obviously doing something right. Our Nicholas Stix asks with characteristic subtlety on his blog Is Mitt Romney a Male Impersonator, and Jan Brewer the Real Man of the GOP?

Actually, there are some other men/ immigration patriots in the GOP/ Generic American Party. Recently I saw an eloquent blog post by a young U.S. Marine veteran, Kieran Lalor, who is running for the GOP nomination in the New York State Assembly's 105th district, denouncing the NY Democrats' extraordinary move to use taxpayer monies to help illegals through the amnesty process. Lalor wrote:

Cynical and corrupt left-wing politicians are making the calculation that if they can use taxpayer dollars to facilitate President Obama’s amnesty program, the illegal immigrants will vote Democrat and support their campaigns....[Democratic] Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver recently said, “It is critical that we get information out…so people will know who is eligible for deferred action and so that they can avoid being scammed.” 

It is clear to me and to growing numbers of fed-up, overtaxed, hard-working, law-abiding, legal citizens that it is the taxpayer who is being scammed.

It's quite common to run across immigration patriots among Republican officials, but rare for them to speak out. Any other sightings, let me know!


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