Was "Carrie's Nation" Repressed By Indian Threats?
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Life of an I.T.Grunt has a post up: The Missing Antis discussing the demise of Carrie's Nation which I mentioned last weekend.

His theory:

...as a blogger who has faced the enemy for a few months, I can explain what happened to these bloggers.

They were threatened.

Like I was, they probably got the hate mail, the putrid comments, the "We know who you are and will get you" kind of c*** that NASSCOM/TiE/USINPAC and their agents at Immigration Voice spew the minute an American tries to confront the invasion of the curry-scented-pod-people.

After awhile, you get used to it. I did. But the threats to your privacy, your career, your family by the Hindu Nazis (and they are Nazis) can get to some...

He cites chapter and verse at quite some length.

Well, concerning Carrie's Nation, maybe. There a number of reasons blogs go inactive, notably fatigue, demoralization, and attention demands by a disgruntled family. But admittedly it is unusual for a deactivating blog to immediately erase its archives. And different people handle stress differently.

Here at VDARE.com, where we have other groups angry with us besides Indian Techies with too much time on their hands and no concept of Freedom of Speech, the most common thing is exclusion from the MSM (usually clandestinely). When did you last see Peter Brimelow or Steve Sailer or any of our Name writers given a major Op-Ed slot? Can't have anyone too effective given a chance like that!)

But we have been begged to remove an archive by a writer faced with mutinous PC business partners (it didn't save him). And another suffered badly in quite unrelated civil litigation because his VDARE.com activities were used to enrage the Judicial officials (mostly but not all Minorities of various types).

Our solutions:

  • Operate in Column formation. Behind VDARE's front rank are a remarkable number of friends who supply stories, and arguments. The Letters feature is a just a visible aspect of this. There is no reason to expose everyone to fire.
  • Anonymity. We always encourage contributors to give nothing away. This is a war, not a chivalrous tournament.
  • Co-operation. It is much easier to keep going if you have colleagues who can fight the ship when you are incapacitated. (And the pauses in various contributors' appearances are not infrequently due to the sorts of problems which might kill a normal single proprietor blog.)
  • Hate to say this, but - Money. Volunteerism can only carry a person so far. An Amateur often responds with astonishing energy to the injection of a tonic of just a few hundred dollars.
To Carrie's Nation (and any other of our blogging friends thinking of retiring): ask VDARE.com to host your archive. That way it (and the links to it) are not lost to the cause.
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