Hispanic: W. Post Wrong To Publish CIS Article: SPLC Invoked
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After my blog Fairness at the Washington Post!!! WSJ next? noting their carrying of an immigration skeptic article by Steve Camarota of CIS, a reader pointed out that this was just the standard MSM stratagem of throwing Immigration Patriots a very occasional bone. Of course, this is true. But there is an infinite difference between a little and absolutely nothing, which is what we get from the Journal. The Journal even buries the comments section!

Before the Washington Post closed their comments section, 73 had posted, and they also ran three letters. One was a succinct approval from our contributor Don Collins stressing the environmental aspect of a 44% increase in the US population by 2050. The other two were hostile — fair enough, I suppose, given the slant of the article.

One was a bone-headed recital of the aging population/immigrants needed fallacy by ”Michael Fishman President Local 32BJ Service Employees International Union”

The Service Employees International Union under its Ivy League-educated leader Andy Stern, apparently decided some time ago to abandon American workers in favor of building a constituency amongst the immigrants, many illegal, who work in the hotel and janitorial trades.

The other letter is far more significant:

It's alarming that The Post decided to publish an opinion piece from the Center for Immigration Studies. CIS is a spin-off of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an organization that has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. FAIR and CIS share a founder as well as some board members, advisers and funders. Groups such as CIS have proved themselves successful at manipulating and obscuring the truth with repercussions manifested in the nativist, anti-immigrant sentiment that has incited attacks against immigrants and native-born Latinos in their workplaces and communities. If The Post wants to foster an intellectually honest debate on the sensitive topic of immigration, it has to be more balanced and careful when selecting its opinion pieces.

HECTOR E. SANCHEZ Director of Policy and Research Labor Council for Latin American Advancement Washington

The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (Warning: shockingly clunky web site) is a Latino spoils-grabbing outfit of the type white Americans are not allowed to have.

It is crucial to grasp what Sanchez said. ”Because A has a connection (according to me) with B, and B has been denounced by C (In my opinion a deity) therefore A should not be allowed to speak.”

This gets to the heart of what modern immigration is doing to America. Free Speech is an extremely rare and anomalous exception to the human rule, found almost exclusively in North West Europe, and really only in the ”Anglo Saxon” societies. It was fundamental to the original American Society.

It was absolutely not present in the heritage of Hector Sanchez. If truly Spanish, welcome to the Inquisition. If South American, is he showing Aztec Impulses?

Whatever the fact, it is not compatible with a Parliamentary system.

As for the SPLC Pogrom operators, our old friend Deena Flinchum (quite active at the Washington Post Web site, apparently) has a definitive response:

The SPLC has been so thoroughly discredited that I am surprised that it still gets mentioned. It started out as a civil rights organization - one which I personally contributed to for years. As true racist groups like the KKK basically ceased to exist as anything more than a tiny group and as real racists acts became fewer and fewer, the SPLC turned to researching so-called "hate groups", calling almost any group that didn't agree with them a "hate group" or a group that is somehow connected to a "hate group". It raises huge amounts of money, pays its top staff huge salaries, and by and large does no civil rights work anymore because in chasing "hate groups" it doesn't have to prove anything in court. It can make baseless charges and continue shaking down well-meaning but unknowing people for donations.

I stopped giving to them years ago when they stopped doing civil rights work and began hurling the term "racist" at anybody who opposes the horrific devastation that increased immigration is wreaking on the US environment, its health care, its schools, it neighborhoods, and its unskilled workers, many of whom are African-Americans - the very group that SPLC started out to help.

An interesting aside here is that the SPLC apparently isn't interested in the fact that Hispanic gangs in CA are systematically driving African-Americans out of neighborhoods that they have lived in for decades - a true act of violent racisim in which African-Americans are targeted because of their race. Where is the SPLC on this?

Tell Hector Sanchez he needs to study up on what being an American actually means (apart from welfare benefits).

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