Voter ID Struck Down in Georgia
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Via Instapundit:

GEORGIA'S VOTER ID REQUIREMENT was struck down as discriminatory. That's to vote though. You still need one to buy beer. . .

The site he links to is The Institute for Southern Studies, which was founded "in 1970 by veterans of the civil rights movement" and they think the ban on photo ID to vote is a Good Thing.

What they're doing, of course, is fighting the last war. Apparently they believe the photo ID requirement is an attempt to suppress the black vote, and similar to a poll tax. They're worried about the lack of DMV offices in Atlanta, for goodness sake. Atlanta has been run by African-Americans since 1973.

The threat to blacks in "Georgiafornia" is not old-fashioned whites trying to prevent them from voting, it's from illegal immigrants who are taking their jobs, and if not prevented, diluting their vote by voting illegally.

No one in Georgia's Capitol was trying to prevent black citizens of the United States from voting. They were trying to prevent citizens of Mexico from voting.

And as usual, all it takes is one Judge having a flashback to the Civil Rights Movement to stop them.


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