Americans vs Illegals in "Georgiafornia"—DHS AWOL
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By  D.A. King

"…Mr. King, I cannot discuss law enforcement procedures with you now or in the future… I am aware of the march taking place, and I have read your letter…"

This was B.I.C.E. Atlanta Region Special Agent in Charge Ken Smith in a short telephone conversation with me on a very stormy and wet Thursday, September 16, 2004.

Hurricane Ivan had come to town but moved on. The flood of illegal immigration and its consequences remain.

I made a cell phone call to Special Agent Smith from the protest line that The American Resistance Foundation members and other concerned citizens had set up across the street from what eventually grew to be a crowd of  800-1000 screaming illegal aliens and their enablers, right on the steps of the Georgia Capitol, USA. They were all demanding that the state of Georgia grant them a driver's license—despite their illegality.

Special Agent Smith was between a hard place and a rock that day. Everyone knew that the corrupt and pandering Hispanic vote-hungry authorities in Washington were not going to allow him to fulfill his sworn duty: to apprehend illegal aliens.

The options for the ICE boss were these:


  • [Plan B] Do not send agents the six blocks down the street from the ICE office and totally ignore the arrogant and emboldened mostly Mexican mob of invaders boasting of their violation of the federal law he is sworn to enforce. This would absolutely prove that no-one etc.

As it happens, CNN Presents is producing a one-hour documentary on illegal immigration in our United States, and specifically in my home state of Georgia. A producer and camera/sound crew were present at the pre-announced gathering of federal fugitives.

Smith knew it, and he knew that I knew he knew (I have always wanted to type that phrase!).  Indeed, I happened to be on camera during the phone conversation with him.

Smith's boss, Department of Homeland Security Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security, Asa Hutchinson was aware of the same facts. Who made the decision? The smart money is on Asa.

There were no apprehensions.

For five hours, we endured the illegals shouting slogans and chants at our group of 50-some American citizens. I spent a large part of the time looking for ICE agents.

But the only ICE on Washington Street that day was in our coolers.

Significantly, most of the demands from the illegals were shouted in a language I do not speak—Spanish.  The crowd obviously did not think it important to learn or use English to make their very insistent demand that an English-speaking American state assembly and Governor grant them driving privileges.

While I don't speak Spanish, I am very certain that the words directed at me personally did not involve a friendly invitation to lunch.

The demonstrators did seem to understand our own shouts of !VIVA LA MIGRA! —"YOU CANNOT HAVE MY COUNTRY" and "ENFORCE THE LAW!" They gave us more than a few hand salutes in return. One young man began to chant !VIVA LA RAZA! at me until a supervisory level illegal alien/enabler pulled him back and ordered him to stop revealing the unspoken agenda of the day.

Click here to see photos from the day and to hear a ten minute audio description of the surreal event that was last week's demonstration. It is forever ingrained in my own memory.

Please know, dear VDARE.COM reader, that if your state or city has not yet experienced a similar event, it is either because your elected leaders have already capitulated to the demands of the illegal alien/open borders lobby—or because such an ordeal is in your and your children's very near future.

In the Peach State, we are on a path to becoming Georgiafornia.

I cannot help but ask aloud; what would our grandfathers think of what we have allowed our country to become?

What penalty would they demand imposed on the elected officials who have refused to honor our constitution and preserve our homeland for our grandchildren?

Personally, I demand this: Asa Hutchinson should resign.

While it is far too late for Under Secretary Hutchinson to save any semblance of integrity or honor, his resignation would at least show that he is not willing to further participate in the ongoing traitorous betrayal of the country he is sworn to serve.

Redeem yourself, Asa. At long last, do the right thing—resign.

D.A. King [email him] is proprietor of The American Resistance

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