Bad news from Norway
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From Norway on Sunday came the appalling news the Fjordman blog is considering shutting down. Since February this blog has been the primary source of hard news on the on-going Islamic conquest of Scandinavia, occuring complete with soaring rape rates, draconian media repression, and traitorous politicians (Norway invented Quisling, remember).

Fjordman has a lot to be depressed about. All is not lost: the Immigration-sceptic Progress Party vaulted into the role of being the second largest Norwegian party at the recent election, increasing its vote share by 50%. (This received no publicity at all in America.) But any further advances needs to be quick: the political establishment seems bent on making any questioning of immigration a criminal offence.

In fact, Fjordman's weariness in common in the blogosphere. Keeping up a blog of the quality and vitality of his is ENORMOUSLY HARD WORK. Several valuable ones have closed recently, for instance a favorite of mine, The Epic of Gilgamesh . Another, the Dow Blog has mentioned the possibility. Enthusiasm and novelty will carry one only so far. An Army marches on its stomach.

That is why we at reject the trickle of peevish and spiteful e mails which have arrived denouncing our fund raising appeal. Yes, it would be nice if all our writers could operate for free. But, as the loss of these and other wonderful blogs shows too clearly, it is physically and emotionally impossible to sustain.

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