VDARE.COM Guide To Illegal "Crackdowns"
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Talking yesterday on KAHL-AM San Antonio's Carl Wiglesworth Show and looking at email, it dawns on me that there are people (not Carl!) who think the Administration's recent trumpeting about cracking down on illegal immigration might actually mean something! Amazing! Remember - this is the Adminstration that denounced amnesty while in the very act of proposing one! VDARE.COM's guide to "illegal immigration crackdowns," as promulgated by our Juan Mann: (1) is the Expedited Removal law, on the books since 1996, finally going to be implemented?; (2) are lawyers, in the shape of the Executive Office of Immigration Review, going to be gotten out of the way so illegals can be summarily deported? This Bush bafflegab flunks on both counts.
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