Village Voice on Insane Whites
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Taxpayer-funded anti-white racist Steven Thrasher[Email him] has just penned a Village Voice cover story smearing all whites as crazy.

White America Has Lost Its Mind
The white brain, beset with worries, finally goes haywire in spectacular fashion

September 29, 2010

It succeeded in making me crazy.

I gathered my thoughts and words for what I thought might be a decent letter-to-the-editor (knowing, of course, that for a white person who objects to such things and makes that public under their own name risks losing employment — hence "Anonymous Attorney")

But before I hit the "send" button, I noticed something.

A few other whites had beaten me to the punch. And for their efforts, they were being viciously mocked by Foster Kamer, the letter editor:

The Village Voice Institute of Crazy White American Folk (Letters to the Editor)

(I don't know who Foster Kamer is, except that he appears between Katha Pollitt and Harold Polack on the once-secret lefty journalist list "JournoList".)

It's one thing to have the legitimate concerns of whites dismissed as without factual basis. But to be mocked as "crazy" — and then doubly mocked for objecting to being called "crazy" — puts a deep and cruel twist in the knife. It recalled the slow burn felt by Peter Brimelow as radio host Rick Seiderman guffawed that he looked "like Adolf Hitler's wet dream." Brimelow wrote that

"I believe that people like Seiderman actually have no idea what effect this sort of attack, so casually and constantly made, has upon those who have to endure it. It lights a small point of incandescent rage deep inside you, like the steadily encircling campfires of a besieging army at night."

Well. Once, angry whites were ignored. Now, we're being laughed at. That's progress, right?

I recall an episode with a bully as a child. He'd knocked me down. That left me very frightened. But when he started to laugh, something snapped in me. I got up. He'd pushed me too far.

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