Verified Twitter Users Wrongfully Blame "White Supremacy" For Dayton Shooting
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See, earlier: Dayton Shooter Reportedly Another Antifa Terrorist, NOT "White Supremacist"

Soon after reports came out of another mass shooting in Dayton Ohio, politicians, celebrities and journalists took to social media to place blame on “white nationalism” “white supremacism” “racism” and many other forms of white isms… What they assumed to be a “White Supremacist” shooting turned out to completely false. In fact, the shooter was a Democrat, Leftist supporter of Antifa who followed many far-left political activists and “journalists” on Twitter.

The Left Wing jumped to Twitter in a frenzied race to place blame on their political opponents without even doing the basic research that revealed the shooter to be a left-wing Democrat.

None of this , though as the trending hashtags all echoed these same individuals’ statements and the Dayton massacre was another example of “White Supremacy Terrorism” until of course it was uncovered that it wasn’t… Coincidentally, moments after news broke of the Dayton shooter's political proclivities, the #Dayton hashtag was removed from the trending sections on social media.

Here are a few examples of Politicians, Celebrities and Journalists using tragedy to push an agenda that had nothing to do with it in the first place. [These Two Shootings Defy Traditional Political Stereotyping. The Media Is Trying to Squeeze Them In,  by Erick Erickson, The Resurgent, August 5th, 2019]


Beto's attitude was also condemned by Pat Buchanan in Democrats Exploiting Massacres To Raise Poll Ratings.

Cathy McMorris Rogers is a Republican, but a Treason Lobby Republican Open Borders fanatic.


Qasim Rashid is a Muslim lawer who's a VA Senate District 28 Dem Nominee. He supports Black Lives Matter.

Kashif N. Chaudhry is a  Physician, Writer, Human Rights Activist, who has actually condemned some Muslim terror supporters, but I think it's because they're Sunnis, and they think Ahmadiyya Muslims are as bad as Christians and Jews.



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