VDARE Radio On The Air: From City To ****hole–Baltimore and America
January 28, 2018, 02:41 PM
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The new VDARE Radio is up—go here to read or listen, here to download the MP3:
The national anthem itself is the latest thing found to be offensive, as a monument depicting two children in Baltimore was recently attacked, presumably by antifa. The statue was splashed with red paint and the words “racist anthem” were placed in front of it [National Anthem Statue Trashed In Baltimore, WND, January 16, 2017].

This story seemed especially touching because the statue was originally paid for by pennies collected by schoolchildren a century ago. Today, some of Baltimore’s schools can’t graduate a single student who can meet the minimum standards for Math or English. All this even though Baltimore’s schools are among the better funded in the nation. Something tells me they won’t be collecting pennies to help build a patriotic statue in their city.[More]