VDARE.com Traffic Is Up. It's Created A Crisis On Our Servers. That's Bad. You Can Help!
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VDARE.com is witnessing unprecedented growth.

More people are reading us than ever before.

More people are following us on social networking than ever before.

More people are looking to us for leadership than ever before.

Even the Main Stream Media, which utterly hates us, acknowledges us as a force to be reckoned with. In short, VDARE.com has never been more important.

But with growth comes costs, the costs of success. As an ever greater number of people visit our site, it becomes harder to make sure our site is able to maintain the kind of performance and speed you’ve come to expect. Unfortunately, the costs for maintaining server space and performance have increased. And we need your help.

We are putting up a short term ask. We need to raise $10,000 very quickly. As part of this, a generous donor has given us a $3,000 matching grant, so if you act now, we can reach our goal as rapidly as possible.

It used to be a cliché we could all make fun of, about how every election was inevitably described as the “most crucial in our history.” But this year, it’s actually true. In a way, it’s actually the last election in our history, because the outcome of this election will determine whether the historic American nation that we speak for will be able to retake control of their nation-state from a hostile occupation government.

The debates are coming up and the final stage of one of the most remarkable election years in American history. We can’t afford to slow down. We have to attack, exposing the stories no one else will and providing the kind of hard hitting coverage VDARE.com delivers every minute of every day. We’ve been around almost since the beginning of the Internet – and we want to be around forever, till the day when final victory is achieved.

We can’t do this without you. Now, right now, we need you. We need you to step up with a generous donation which will allow us to increase site speed and take care of essential expenses. Once we’ve done that, we can unleash everything we have in the sprint to the finish of this incredible year.

If 2016 has shown nothing else, it has shown that all politics is really a media war. Support the media that supports you. Support VDARE.com in our time of need. And we promise we will never let you down.

Donate today

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