Derb In TakiMag: Eisenhower—Not Just A Mumbling Golfer
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My Thursday column at Taki's Magazine is a sort-of review of Paul Johnson's new book, Eisenhower: A Life.  I say "sort of" because I devote almost as many words to author as to book.

It was the author’s name that prompted me to read an Ike biography at last. Paul Johnson has been a companion—in the literary sense; he doesn’t know me from Adam—all my adult life. I’m a fan from way back: from the mid-1960s, when P.J. and I were both lefties.
He was a much more significant lefty than I was: editor of the weekly New Statesman, the main vehicle for intellectual leftism in Britain. I was a flat-broke math undergraduate with romantic issues, sitting in the student lounge at University College, London reading P.J.’s “Londoner’s Diary” in the Statesman.

I do get around to the book, though.

Executive summary:  I like Ike.

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