VDARE.com's Exclusive Breaking Story on H-1B
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I want to thank VDARE.com for featuring my breaking story on the bill to triple the H-1B cap. This is an exclusive story that was reported on VDARE.com first. No other news agency picked it up because I’m the one who did the research to uncover the story.

I discovered this information by calling Giffords' Washington DC office, and verified it by talking to at least three staffers.

Giffords’s staff told me the new bill to the 111th Congress will go by the same name as her 2008 bill, but it will have a different number. It is now working its way through the Judiciary committee. They wouldn't discuss specifics but did tell me that the bill will be very similar to HR 5630.

Read my blog Rep. Giffords’ Bill To Triple H-1B Visa Capfor more details.

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