Why does Rep Giffords want to harm Americans?
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Rob Sanchez' excellent blog Rep. Giffords' Bill To Triple H-1B Visa Cap theorizes that Giffords (D-AZ8th) has come under the influence of Indian contributors.

If so, she has company. Political contributions by Indians, overwhelmingly to Democrats, are becoming significant. Raj Rajaratnam, the Galleon Fund chief indicted for insider trading last week, gave the Obama Victory Fund $30,800 last year.

But why is Giffords getting involved? She won Arizona's 8th district in 2006 from the GOP by pretending to be sensible on Immigration, while the Bush hacks in Washington sabotaged the campaign of the Republican candidate - who really was sound on the issue.

Subsequently she has mainly laid low on the matter while establishing her Treason Lobby credentials by grading C- in the Numbers USA evaluation system.

No doubt she feels she can safely launch this attack on middle-class Americans, because, as Sanchez pointed out, Arizona is not a high tech state. The immigration problem there is inundation by low-skilled Hispanics.

But why take the lead, when the High-tech cheap labor hogs have dozens of other Congressthings in their pocket?

My guess is because of who she is. This is a case of hearing Ancestral Voices. To appease those shades, Americans in general have to suffer.

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