VDARE.com In The News—They're Explaining Why They're Talking About Us, Can They Explain Their Conspiracy Of Silence?
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A quick search for recent mentions of VDARE.com includes many of our old friends in the Mainstream Media, the Respectable Right, and the SPLC, making the point that normally, our arguments are met with a conspiracy of silence, but now that normal Americans have found a champion in Donald Trump, we can be used to embarrass him: The Witch's HuntBuzzfeed was kind enough to link to our fundraising blog:
Vdare is currently fundraising off of Clinton’s speech later today. “I, and my team at VDARE.com have weathered more than a decade of fact suppression and attacks against our character and livelihood, because I know what is at stake here,” Brimelow writes in his fundraising appeal. “Hillary wants to ignite a witch hunt against the alt right because she knows we are finally starting to make an impact on the public’s thinking on immigration.”
By the way, the image on our fundraising appeal may puzzle some readers. It's a picture of what happened to Giles Corey in 1692, when he refused to plead either guilty or not guilty to the charge of racism...I mean witchcraft, sorry...at the original Salem Witch Trials.  He was pressed to death with rocks for refusing to plead. No one knows why he wouldn't plead one way or the other, but he may have been influenced by the fact there there is no such thing as racism...sorry, I mean witchcraft again.

And while it's true that all publicity is good publicity, if Hillary gets elected, we may find ourselves somewhat....hard-pressed.

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