VDARE.COM cited in model Contra Costa Times article
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Most journalists work with template stories - a "stereotype" was originally non-pejorative jargon for phrases that were used so often that they were left in standing type - and MSM immigration coverage notoriously doesn't get past the immigrant-valedictorian-holds-sixteen-jobs cliche. But an exemplary article by the Contra Costa Times' George Avalos (Pay dips in jobs held by immigrants, July 16 2006) breaks the mold and creates a new model.

Avalos not merely does original reporting (no!) to show that immigrant-heavy occupations in the East Bay pay sub-par wages - in other words, a wage depression effect is appearing - but he also adds the point, quoting me, that

"The economy is getting addicted to cheap labor, and the cheap labor here in part because it is being subsidized by the taxpayers," Brimelow said. "Illegal immigration is imposing a heavier and heavier burden on the taxpayers. The economy and the nation are being transformed for nothing."

Of course, it's a fundamental economic principle that increasing supply must drive down price, ceteris paribus, but establishment economists have been scandalously reluctant to admit it. Avalos dutifully quotes a specimen.

Congratulate Avalos.

Coincidentally, an old Contra Costa Times article I wrote on the economics of immigration (Immigration policy stupid, evil and hurting Americans, December 4,1999) is still one of our most regularly emailed-out.

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