The Un-American Red Cross
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Note to all who might donate ["Your gift today, will provide hope and relief tomorrow."] to the American Red Cross(here for Spanish language Cruz Roja Americana< /a>) According to the Herald Tribune in Southwest Florida (Think: Sarasota - for now, a beautiful area that we have visited often) the Red Cross has arranged to use some of your donated money - for the third year in a row- to arrange for the "undocumented" to ...get documents. Namely - the Mexican issued matricula consular photo ID. As happens all over the nation (this nation) the mobile Mexican "consulate" was in Sarasota Saturday to dispense the matricula consular to illegal aliens from that paradise to our south who are here replacing American workers. [People line up for hours for chance to get Mexican ID card, July 16, 2006, By Christina E. Sanchez And Michael A. Scarcella]

Red Cross rush hour On Saturday, the Manatee County chapter of the American Red Cross hosted a mobile Mexican Consulate program to issue official Mexican "matricula consular" IDs.

The matricula consular is not a driver's license, although it has similar features. The person's photo, name, date of birth and address appear on the ID.

The mobile consulate program only comes to the Manatee County area once every six to nine months.

And on Saturday, there was a hitch: time and staff limitations meant it was on a first-come, first-served basis. That meant only 250 people could get the ID.

It seems that even the Mexican government cannot keep up with documenting the horde that it sends here because it cannot feed educate or employ them - only 250 illegals could get un-undocumented this trip. Well...there is always next time. This quote from Darlene Monroe, health services director for the Red Cross stuck with me.

"Imagine you are in a country that was not your own, and you had no identification to prove who you are," said Monroe. "If you want to do anything in our society, you have to prove who you are."

Note to Darlene: Many of these same people don't feel the need to prove who they are when they are marching in the streets of a country that is not their own demanding "citizenship now."

"I sent quite a few home," Monroe said Saturday as she flipped through government papers a woman brought in a folder."

Red Cross and Mexican Flag

We wish that Darlene meant "home" to Mexico and we are sure that the "government documents" are not American government documents.The president is trying to change that fact, Darlene. This little vignette in Sarasota would be outrageous in any case, but more so since Disneyworld, a relatively short drive away is considered a "racist" organization by others in the illegal alien promotion business. I wonder how Darlene is going to feel when she learns that "this is not her continent"?

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