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"Studying To Be A Latino leader"? [Bryanna Bevens]- 11/28/04

In the little town of Auburn, Washington a new "business" has opened.

"Centro de Amistad Latino is the first center in south King County founded and operated by Latinos." Auburn's new Latino center puts its focus on friendship, by Mike Archbold. King County Journal, November 28, 2004

The center is run by a Hispanic woman (and U.S. citizen) who assists the Latino community of 4-5,000 (mostly illegal aliens) by translating government documents…yeah, one guess what forms those would be.

The center is funded by the city of Auburn…and a few other groups. Yep, tax dollars. This is not the point I want to make, it's just background ok?

As irritated as I was when I read this, I got a laugh at the end.

The woman who runs the center is married to a man who is currently enrolled in a local community college.

When asked what he was studying, she apparently told the credulous reporter [email him] that "Her husband, Lorenzo, is also at GRCC [Green River Community College] studying to be a Latino leader."

He is studying to be Latino leader?  How do you major in a social role?

This is like saying "I am studying to be a village idiot."

What is the course work for a Latino leader degree?

  • Special Interest Tithing 110

  • Cesar Chavez and Jesus, a study in parallelism 220

  • Government Benefits, the New Civil Right 330

I think Peter Brimelow should study to be a British Leader. 

Joe Guzzardi could be an Italian Leader and James Fulford a Canadian leader……. I could study to be a Women's' Leader. (Nah. Too boring).

Just one big happy VDARE.COM family of leaders. And not at taxpayer expense.

Americans Subsidizing Dispossession—And Maraichi [Joe Guzzardi]- 11/28/04

The new federal budget is jammed with eye-popping levels of wasteful spending. But this item, as reported by Benjamin Grove in the Las Vegas Sun on November 22nd in his story titled "Mariachi Education Included in Pork," is a real beauty.

Nevada's Clark County School District will receive $25,000 to support its mariachi music program. 

About 1,200 students participate. But since the district has a rapidly growing Hispanic enrollment, interest in mariachi music is on the rise.

Notes the district fine arts coordinator Marcia Neel, "This is music that they have grown up with their whole lives, it's in their ears" she said.

Okay, then—how about an equal sum to promote Western Square Dancing which millions of Americans grew up with…right here in the good ole U.S.A.?

The Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of Square Dancing awaits the check.

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