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Oakland Returns To Sanity, Courtesy Of…Jerry Brown?!!!  [James Fulford] - 09/28/04

Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown has reversed the moratorium on DUI check by the Oakland Police Department. "The so-called moratorium is hereby terminated," Brown said Monday. "The whole thing was a dumb idea."

Jerry Brown has grown saner as he's gotten older. Would anyone have believed in an enforcement policy so bad that Jerry Brown thought it was a dumb idea?

Plight or Plot? [James Fulford] - 09/28/04

We must care for the plight of immigrants is the title of an Op-ed by Luis Soto, [send him mail] who appears to think that illegal aliens in America don't have enough political influence. In a tradition popularized by Arab politicians, he's touting the American Dream in Charlotte, North Carolina English press, while celebrating Mexican Independence in the local Spanish paper.

"But, what about Hispanics without the power to vote? What influence can groups such as the 13 million illegal immigrants of Hispanic origin have on the upcoming elections? The question seems irrelevant for President Bush and Sen. John Kerry as long as they focus on the needs of Hispanics with voting power

"To differentiate themselves from each other and win the Hispanic confidence, candidates must propose solid, real and appealing programs for the Hispanics without voting power. Keep in mind that we all care for our own people, especially if they have had experiences that we can relate to. Most Hispanics, either in their own lives, through their parents or grandparents have held, or experienced at some point, low paying/dangerous jobs, and lack-of-"papers"-related nightmares.

"The Hispanic electorate will play a decisive role in the Southwestern swing states and Florida. Hispanic voters can determine who wins the race for the presidency on Nov. 2, but more importantly, their vote will shape the opportunities of living the American Dream for the nearly 40 million Hispanics living in this country, legal or illegal, U.S. citizens or not.

"Hispanics have the political power to influence the upcoming presidential elections, and they must vote!"

"Luis Soto is president of Organización Vamos Mexico, a nonprofit devoted to increasing the diversity in Charlotte by promoting the Mexican culture."

Internet Tips 2: Archive.org [James Fulford] - 09/28/04

If you read the archives of Vdare.Com, you will find that links that were valid in 2001 no longer work. We're still here, but the people we linked to aren't. 

If you can't get through, try http://www.archive.org/, which I once heard described as an attempt to "back up the internet." For example, when the Canadian conservative magazine headquartered on the web at www.report.ca died, the online archives vanished, because no one was paying the bills. But you can go here, and search for old Kevin Michael Grace columns, not to mention Colby Cosh.

Gaddafi Cooperates On EU Illegals [James Fulford] - 09/28/04

Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has not only agreed to surrender his WMD, and generally behave, he's agreed to cooperate with Italy in stopping illegals from Libya from invading Europe. This puts him one up on Vicente Fox.

Crazed Bosnian Immigrant Tries To Beat Cop's Head In, Fails [James Fulford] - 09/28/04

That's the headline I'd put on this story, but then I'm not sensitive enough for most city desks. Here are the headlines

Officer fatally shoots smoking refugee outside San Jose Starbucks

Police Shoot And Kill San Jose Man

San Jose police officer involved in fatal shooting

This last quotes friends and relatives of the deceased as calling him "quiet but troubled." It's quite clear that "troubled" means psychotic.

In 2002, Bojcic was arrested for swinging lumber at police officers and smashing windows of a patrol car in Concord after learning that his impounded car had been sold, according to the Contra Costa Times. Premilovac said that after that incident, Bojcic spent a year at the Napa State Hospital.

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