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Immigration: Grasping The Ethnic Nettle [Peter Brimelow] - 03/04/05

My friend Tom Bethell is continuing to think thoughtful (but cautious) thoughts about immigration in the American Spectator. Read it to gauge the immense pressure that the Beltway puts on sensible conservatives.

Tom tries this version of the neoconservative line:

"In the 1890s, U.S. immigration was essentially unrestricted, and I would be in favor of that today were it not for two things: the welfare state, and the campaign against the melting pot, waged over the past generation with some success."

Well, yes. But in the 1890s immigration was not "essentially unrestricted." Asians were banned.

In the end, with immigration, you have to grasp the ethnic nettle.

Latino Media To The Rescue! [D. A. King] - 03/04/05

At least they spelled our name right.

Thanks to the constantly almost-accurate bilingual newspaper here in Atlanta, Atlanta Latino, for its coverage of TAR's recent protest of a local bank that is making mortgage loans to illegal aliens. [Bank is scene of an anti-immigration protest/ Banco, escenario de protesta anti-inmigrante, By/Por Mario Guevara]

Many banks participate in this organized crime, but this particular bank, 'United Americas Bank ' (a.k.a. 'Banco Unido'), has as a founding partner and Director a Georgia State Senator who openly advocates for granting illegal aliens a Georgia driver's license, continued state acceptance of the Matricula Consular ID… and is on the board of MALDEF.

(Yes…his bank does accept the Matricula to open an account.)

Sound like a news story?

Not to the local MSM, including: the Atlanta Journal Constitution [AJC] the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the two major radio stations: 750 AM - WSB-radio, 640 AM – WGST and four local TV stations: WSB -TV ABC, CBS-46, 11 Alive NBC, and WAGA Fox

Oh yeah, the protest was less than 10 miles from the world headquarters of CNN.

Despite having received flyers and press releases, all of the above, (save the Latino Pravda rag) declined to allow their readers/listeners/viewers access to the story.

As Bryanna says...Hmmm.

Probably one of those really news packed winter Saturday afternoons?

More on the Georgia State Senator/MALDEF/ banker to the criminal colonists soon—right after I find time to reply to the SPLC's recent smear (please read it now, quiz later) of us (we?) radicals who demand the law actually be enforced.

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