Americans Resist In Atlanta—Big Media AWOL, Of Course
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Last month, I gave a short account of my experience in trying to have an advertisement for THE AMERICAN RESISTANCE immigration reform rally placed in the Cherokee Ledger-News here in the Atlanta area.

I would like to thank the hundreds of VDARE.COM readers who took the time to respond to us here and apparently, to the alleged newspaper in question as well. Thanks to you all for your support, it means more than we can say.

I am told that the Ledger-News publisher, Dave Caughman, was so angered by the mountain of e-mail received that he has vowed, in the highest traditions of journalism, to "…never run a story on illegal immigration again…"

We understand perfectly, Dave. [Helpful note: The email to Mr. Caughman was addressed to [email protected]. Just so you know.]

Because other local publications and radio stations did run our notice about the demonstration, the rally itself was a success. We had a very good turnout despite the 33-degree wind and rain on a February morning here in North Georgia. Our warmth came from seeing the many American citizens gather to demand justice and make their anger known on such a miserable morning. My favorite sign read "GRINGOS FOR AMERICA"—and was carried by radio show host Terry Anderson, who crossed the continent to join us in our own demand for a better life. Thanks, Terry.

God Bless all patriots with the courage to come out of the shadows.

I must also mention my second favorite sign…"DEPORT KARL ROVE" (my work!) A few snapshots of the morning can be viewed here.

While there were six TV cameras present, and our event was widely featured on the local news, including the statewide Georgia Public Broadcasting network, we apparently did not qualify as news to the editors at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They were well informed of the rally, having been sent fliers on two separate occasions and the same press release that informed all others news media here. They printed the same amount of words concerning Americans at the state Capitol demanding that our laws be enforced as they had reporters covering the event:

Zero. Nada. [Ask them why not.].

Here too—we understand perfectly.

It must be noted that, disregarding the constant misuse of the word "immigrant" (as in "anti-immigrant" and "immigrants'" rights), that the most accurate print coverage came from the local Hispanic bilingual publication, Atlanta Latino, and its reporter, Rebecca Simmons-Lamm. [Education, protests and licenses/Educación, protestas y licencias, Feb 12, 2004. (Click on "In English" button in upper right corner for English version.)]

We hope that this example of actual journalism is something that we can expect more of from Atlanta Latino—and that it does not go unnoticed by other media outlets in the Atlanta area.

D.A. King [email him] is an active member of Georgians For Immigration Reduction and proprietor of

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