The Sierra Staff Strikes Back, With Some Help From The SPLC
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Previously by Brenda Walker: Save The Sierra Club From The Treason Lobby—Act Now!

In case you haven't been following the roiling controversy within the Sierra Club, a group of insurgents seeking seats on the Board of Directors have been smeared as radical right-wing extremists by the Club's fearful permanent officials.

Three outstanding candidates running for the Board believe that America's skyrocketing overpopulation, driven by out-of-control mass immigration, must be addressed. They want the Club to return to the position it held until 1996: to "bring about the stabilization of the population first of the United States and then of the world."

These candidates are: Dick Lamm, former two-term Democratic governor of Colorado and a life-long active environmentalist; Frank Morris (PhD from MIT), former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and recipient of three NAACP awards; and David Pimental, a Cornell University Professor of Ecology and the author of 516 scientific publications.

Since I last wrote in VDARE.COM on this subject, and urged immigration reformers to join the Sierra Club and vote, several mysteriously similar articles have appeared in the press:

  • "Sierra Club faces rocky future as extremists push out greens" by Shawn McCarthy, in the Toronto Globe and Mail, smeared my VDARE.COM article apparently without reading it: he reported that the Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC's) Morris Dees was running for Sierra Club Board of Directors in response to my VDARE.COM article—although that article had headlined the news that Dees, who has no environmentalist qualifications, was already a candidate.
  • "Founder of civil rights group runs for seat on Sierra Club board" by Bob Johnson of the Associated Press, also parroted the Dees line that any rational discussion of America's immigration-driven population growth and its environmental effects is just the "greening of hate."
  • Election Becomes a Fight Over Sierra Club's Future, by Miguel Bustillo and Kenneth R. Weiss, January 18, cited Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope, who as an employee is not supposed to intervene in elections, uttering this gem of impartiality: "'I don't think that Lamm, Pimentel and Morris are racists,' Pope said, 'But they are clearly being supported by racists.'"  Evidence, allegedly, was my VDARE.COM article and the fact that it had been picked up (without our knowledge or permission) by "an anti-Semitic website."
  • "Saving the Sierra Club" a January 26 editorial in the Los Angeles Times, endorsed the Sierra staff's line. LA Times editorial writers apparently don't even read their own paper: a truly fine cover article in its magazine section (Infinite Ingress, by Lee Green, January 25) described in painful detail how the explosive immigration-fueled population growth in southern California has rapidly degraded the quality of life for all.

Big Media has assumed its usual supine position of stenographer to the powerful in the Sierra Club election controversy. News stories have been full of catfight-from-hell descriptions but little illumination. Stereotypic and untrue categorizations have been used in place of the most elementary consideration of facts.

The highly reputable men described above are accused of being part of an extremist right-wing conspiracy to "take over" the Sierra Club.

How the fanatical right wing has changed when an African American and an elected Democrat can be included!

How can such an absurd idea be taken seriously? Simple. These garbage purveyors depend on Establishment media's laziness and aversion toward investigating facts, as well as its politically-correct reluctance to examine anything negative about immigration. Accusations based on innuendo, guilt by association and plain lies are faxed on fancy stationery to newsrooms. The result is a complete reversal of reality.

The Establishment media apparently still believes that immigration moderation is an "Extreme Right" issue, although polls consistently show that Americans across the political spectrum want immigration reduced. The immigration enthusiasts are the elites, who increasingly tell us that open borders are good for us insignificant little citizens, despite all evidence to the contrary. The nation state is so passé, in the view of the really important people. However, Czech President Vaclav Klaus warned last year that "you cannot have democratic accountability in anything bigger than a nation state."

As Mark Twain remarked a century ago, a lie can travel half way round the world before the truth can get its boots on.

Further, the Internet has created nearly limitless opportunities for guilt-by-association attacks, a standard ploy by the artistes of the genre, Morris Dees and the SPLC. Sadly, not everyone has learned that the SPLC spends an inordinate amount of its considerable riches (over $100 million) in rousting up additional money, so its accusations receive more serious attention than they deserve among credulous journalists.

Although they pose as rescuers, the SPLC mudslingers have in fact been plotting their insertion into Sierra Club internal affairs for some time - witness the SPLC's lengthy letter from Mark Potok to Sierra Club President Larry Fahn dated October 21 and posted on, a website dedicated to "protecting" the Sierra Club regime.

Current Sierra Board member Ben Zuckerman, an immigration realist, has speculated that the SPLC may be looking to the immigration controversy to fill its coffers since the KKK, with only a couple thousand members including federal informers, may no longer elicit the same fundraising response.

The SPLC has certainly dolled up its website with a green look and a newly discovered interest in environmental affairs. However, its tactics are the same old hysteria.

But the Internet gives as well as takes. At one time, the alliance between entrenched liberal bureaucrats and a mouthpiece media would have been unbreakable. Now, because of the Internet, they can be outflanked and undermined.

Do it now! There are only a few more shopping days left in which to join the Sierra Club and vote for a sustainable, environmentally recognizable America—Jan. 31 is the cut-off; the election is in early March. For a mere $25 (introductory membership), you give the multimillion-dollar Sierra staff-SPLC-Big Media Axis more to worry about.

David never had it so good against Goliath.

Author Brenda Walker [email her] has been a member of the Sierra Club since 1984 and is a Democrat who couldn't care less who won the New Hampshire primary—they're all useless on immigration. She produces the websites and

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