VDARE.com: 01/31/05 - Blog Articles
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Cool Things On The Internet Department [James Fulford] - 01/31/05

Booknotes.org now has streaming video of 500 shows.

You can watch Peter Brimelow talking to Brian Lamb in 1995, using RealAudio, here, and read the transcript here.

Rush, the WSJ, and Immigration Reform [James Fulford] - 01/31/05

John Fund has a piece in the WSJ on Rush Limbaugh's warning to President Bush that Republican voters don't like mass immigration.

Fund calls the idea of a secure border "Pat Buchanan's idea of a reverse Berlin Wall," which is a really strange way of talking about Homeland Security; the Berlin Wall was supposed to keep people in, who had a right to leave.

A wall on the southern border would be keeping people out, who have no right to enter.

Fund also takes a shot at Michael Bloomberg for being a "scofflaw" in refusing to cooperate with the immigration authorities. Fund is apparently unaware that "scofflaw" is the official position of the WSJ editorial board. See Tamar Jacoby's remarks here.

Consequences of Illegal Immigration [D. A. King] - 01/31/05

Lost forever: Another American, Lisa Ann Bourquardezto the U.S. policy of selective law enforcement and open borders—murdered in her home.

Charged: Another illegal alien from Mexico with several aliases and a prior charge of murder.

Status of suspect: Free—thought to be en route back to Mexico.

Uncharged co-conspirators: George W. Bush and Vicente Fox. [note date] and the immense un-American illegal alien lobby.

Motive: Expanded marketplace, profit and power.

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