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A Reader Spells Out The Bush Betrayal [Peter Brimelow] - 01/15/05

A reader comments on my comment on the Bush Washington Times interview:

I think the logjam Bush is talking about is the long waiting times for family immigrants.  For example, 4th category immigrants from the Philippines wait 22 years for a green card, which is much longer than the six years Bush has proposed making illegal alien wait for a green card. This goes against his promise that illegal aliens would not cut ahead of legal immigrants. 

I think someone pointed this out to him, and now, a la SOLVE Act [VDARE note: this was the bill Democrats introduced last year to outbid Bush's amnesty ploy] , he will let all family immigrants enter in five years or less.

It makes sense, as John McCain is working with Ted Kennedy on the amnesty bill for Bush.

So now we will not only have unlimited guest workers getting green cards after 3 to 6 years, we will also have unlimited family immigration.  

This will double the US population in 20 to 25 years.  In 50 years we will have more people than China, although I am sure there will be Civil War II long before that.

This puts it much better than I did.

Another type of Immigration victim [Peter Brimelow] - 01/15/05

Judy Sgro, Canada's Immigration Minister, was forced to resign on Friday:

"Sgro resigned after pizza shop owner Harjit Singh filed an affidavit which accused Sgro of offering to help him stay in Canada in return for pizza deliveries and assistance with her election campaign…Sgro is already under investigation by parliament's ethics commissioner for giving a temporary residency permit to Romanian stripper Alina Balaican, who had also worked on her campaign in the run-up to last June's election."

Canada Immigration Minister Quits in Pizza Scandal – Reuters January 14, 2005

This comes just a month after British Home Secretary David Blunkett fell, having been found to have accelerated the visa application of his lover's nanny.

The rapid succession of these events highlights yet another serious problem cause by heavy immigration: the extra powers - and consequently the temptations -  accruing to the professional politicians administering the regulations. This point was firmly grasped by Toronto's Globe and Mail:

"How does an immigration minister fend off the mountain of inevitable requests to use ministerial discretion to bend the rules …For anyone who has a predisposition to do special favours for supporters, or who is too weak not to, the post offers tempting powers…In the broader scheme, a minister open to importuning may be persuaded to shape immigration in a way that doesn't serve the country's best interests"

Judy Sgro's departure doesn't fix the problem – Globe and Mail January 15 2005

Lookin' Good! Kevin Michael Grace Fires Back At Canadian Open-Borders Neocons  [Fred Fries] - 01/15/05

Somehow I'd missed this Christmas Eve log entry until now: Kevin Michael Grace tells (scroll down to Dec 24)) how he discovered he'd been blacklisted by some Canadian neocons in part because of a couple of pieces he'd had published in Vdare.com: 

KMG's rebuttal to these creeps looks like he stopped 'em dead in their tracks and left 'em speechless.

Reason to the Rescue [James Fulford] - 01/15/05

The US and Australia have been rushing to aid the victims of the tsunami. Reason Magazine, while it criticized Westerners for going to Malaysia and spending money, (a free-market way of helping them,) now has a what they think is a better solution: let untold numbers of  tsunami survivors come to America.

But there is something more we can do that will have long-term positive benefits for the citizens of tsunami-battered nations—something that will buy us goodwill but cost us almost nothing.

Let them work in the U.S.

When migrants earn money while working abroad and then send it back to their families living in their home country, it's called a remittance. Not many people know that total remittances around the world now add up to $80 billion a year. That's impressive because it's twice the amount of government foreign aid. …

A concerted effort to bring South Asian workers to the U.S. would not only provide tsunami victims with effective aid through remittances, and American employers with needed workers, but would also foster benevolent sentiments toward the United States in this largely Muslim part of the world.

One: America has already got more unskilled labor than it needs. Two: Bring more Muslims to the US will not make the US more popular with Muslims. Three: it is not good for countries to be overly dependent on remittances. Four: Mexico needs workers more than the US does. Let them go there.

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