Update: "Snohomish County Man" Who Brought Coronavirus Home From China Is Chinese Immigrant With Green Card
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Earlier, I asked in a blog: Is "Snohomish County Man" Who Brought Coronavirus Home From China American, Chinese, Or Chinese-American?

Almost everyone who brought Ebola back to the US during the Obama Administration was an African immigrant.(We tagged posts about that crisis "Barack Hussein Ebola".) Ann Coulter dealt with an exception here:Ebola Doc's Condition Downgraded To 'Idiotic'—Can't Anyone Serve Christ In America Anymore?

However, it turns out, much to my surprise, that the piece I linked to did contain the information in paragraph seven:

The man is a Chinese immigrant who was visiting his home country. He’s a legal permanent resident of the U.S., Gov. Jay Inslee said Tuesday afternoon at a news conference at the state Public Health Laboratories in Shoreline. The man transferred flights at least once before arriving at Sea-Tac Airport on Jan. 15, but an exact itinerary hasn’t been released.

A Seattle Patch story also describes him as "a permanent U.S. resident" in paragraph three: First U.S. Case Of Wuhan Coronavirus Confirmed In Washington, by Lucas Combos, Seattle Patch, January 21, 2020.

The CDC is looking at "screening" people coming from Wuhan, but have no thought of, say stopping them from coming.

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