Is "Snohomish County Man" Who Brought Coronavirus Home From China American, Chinese, Or Chinese-American?
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A reader has a question:

The first US case of coronavirus is a "US resident" who visited Wuhan, China.

Snohomish County man is first U.S. case of new coronavirus

A man in his 30s was hospitalized in Everett after contracting the virus during a trip to China.

by Andrea Brown, Caleb Hutton, and Julia-Grace Sanders,, January 21, 2020

Yes, but is he a citizen? I will wager he is not. He was visiting Wuhan. Wuhan is not a tourist mecca.

I checked multiple sites including CDC and could find only that he is in his 30's and lives in Snohomish County which is north of Seattle. He is being treated at a very good medical facility, Providence Hospital.

Governor Jay Inslee held a press conference about the coronavirus, and the Snohomish man.

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None of the MSM operatives attending bothered to shout out a question about what kind of "Snohomish County man" brought this virus back to the US.

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