UPDATE:Kenya Born Hindu/Muslim Sentenced For Islamic Terrorist Plot | MSM Version:"Briton Jailed"
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A man named Dhiren Barot has been jailed in England for conspiring to commit Islamic terrorism, and the reports of his trial have frequently referred to him as a "Briton," in spite of the fact that he isn't descended from the aboriginal inhabitants of the British Isles, and wasn't born in Britain. (Previous comments on this phenomenon here, here, and here.)

But Indian websites have a different story, because in India, all politics is ethnic:CNN-IBN's headline says India-born convicted for UK terror and the Times Of India has the full details:

Dhiren Barot

Dhiren Barot likely to be sentenced, Times of India, [ 7 Nov, 2006 ]

LONDON: Dhiren Barot, son of Gujarati Hindu parents who moved to Britain from Kenya in 1973, planned to detonate a dirty bomb and launch an attack on London's Tube network is expected to be sentenced Tuesday.

Barot, 34, who converted to Islam and reportedly underwent training with Kashmiri separatist in Pakistan-held Kashmir, is currently facing trial in a London court where details of his plans have been presented.

His plans included "massive explosions" in the US and Britain and synchronised attacks.

Described as quietly spoken and smartly dressed, Barot was born a Hindu and brought up in a north London suburb by middle-class parents. Manu, Barot's father, a banker from Nairobi, had fled the worsening situation for Asians in Kenya in 1973, when Dhiren was two years old.

Barot converted to Islam when he was 20, which prompted a rift with his father. Barot travelled to Pakistani-controlled Kashmir to "investigate the duty of jihad" and is reported to have trained with one of the Kashmiri groups fighting in the Indian side of Kashmir.

Barot, who last month admitted conspiracy to murder, wanted to pack limousines with gas cylinders and also use a radioactive "dirty" bomb, the court was told. But lawyers for Barot insisted that he had neither funding nor bomb-making materials at the time he was caught.

Mr. Barot is an example of "Reverse Assimilation"—when his family moved from Kenya to England he could have assimilated to Britain, and acted like an Englishman, but instead, he chose to assimilate to Britain's growing population of fundamentalist Muslims. Query:who are Hispanic immigrants assimilating to?

UPDATE:More on the Britishness of Dhiren Barot from Martin Kelly.

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