It's "Illegal Immigrant Commits Murder," Not "Construction Worker" Commits Murder!
November 07, 2006, 10:12 PM
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This was the story according to United Press International (here):

"A New York construction worker was charged with murder Monday in the death of actress Adrienne Shelly, which was originally ruled a suicide."

As I write this, there are 371 stories written about the accused murderer, Diego Pillco, according to Google search—almost all of them refer to him as a "construction worker" or "teenager." (here)

When I first heard about the tragedy on the news yesterday, I could tell by the intentionally vague description of Pillco that he was most likely an illegal immigrant...a fact the MSM is always neglect to mention.

The Arizona Republic managed to call him an "undocumented immigrant" but only The Conservative Voice told the truth:


An illegal immigrant who (allegedly) killed an American woman after she complained about the noise he was making...but we don't have a problem with illegal immigation, right?