Unspecified Race Bike Week: Tonya Root v. The Groundlings
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The trend of MSM journalists going to extraordinary lengths to censor race — only to have the commenters offer the real story — found a particularly egregious example in this treatment of the crime wave unleashed during Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Tuesday, May. 31, 2011 Myrtle Beach police inundated with crime during 8-hour window Reports run wild in 8-hour window By Tonya Root - [email protected]
The Sun-News' Tonya Root accomplishes the amazing feat of not even calling the event Black Bike Week.

Commenter "PJV":

Wow, I read this article here on the Sun site earlier. Not a single word about race was mentioned and it even refered to the event as the "Atlantic Beach Bikefest". The only reference to race is in the Drudge headline that calls it "Black Bike Week". This paper is so afraid of the race issue that even tho I live here in MB (1st year) and read the paper every day, I had no idea that the city was to be totally and utterly innundated with blacks over the holiday weekend. Never a single mention!
Tonya Root is also apparently a weather expert, so it's not like she couldn't have stepped outside to see what was going on.

I used to engage these reporters in e-mail exchanges, and the responses would vary from "you're just a racist, aren't you?" to "yeah, I can see your point, but remember, I've got editors over me" (which I do understand, having once reported to editors for a living). Nowadays, with the advent of reader comments, I just let "PJV" take it away.

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