The Associated Press vs. The Groundlings
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MSM censorship of race and ethnicity—particularly in crime stories—is equal parts infuriating and ridiculous. Infuriating, because the public is put in direct danger when it's denied this important information (the raceless rape suspect at large), and, to a lesser extent, lied to, because we're getting a woefully incomplete picture of life in multiracial America, which the press assures us is nirvana in the features section (influx of Hispanic students spices up school with their native traditions, jazz center enriches neighborhood, etc.)

And ridiculous, because everyone knows the story anyway. Here's a funny example from the Associated Press

Violence decried in Pa. city where 10 shot, 2 deadApril 10, 2011, 9:22 PM

We have a "teenage party" (with blushing, pink-cheeked boys and girls afraid to dance with each other?) in a "suburban Philadelphia city" (with neatly trimmed hedges and white picket fences?) just down from... Minaret Temple No. 174? And a mass shooting left two dead?

And those by-now recognizable quotes from black inner-city shootings: "the violence has to stop",


Just note the comments, assuming they're still up (statistical support for comment that Chester, Pa. is "straight-up hood": it is about 75 percent black).

Who's giving you the truth, the "professionals" in the MSM, or the everyday people?

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